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The Indians get Housed by the Clippers!



Columbus Clippers vs. Indianapolis Indians

Victory Field, Indianapolis, Indiana

Columbus as you may know from the other game I have seen them is a triple A affiliate of Cleveland Indians and The Indianapolis are the Pirates affiliate. This seems like It became a Columbus Clippers trip.

This is my 9th and last game of the road trip. This is also the 4th game I have seen at Victory Field since family lives in Indy it is always a great day.


The center field entrance for Victory Field.

Since this is my 4th trip to Victory Field I am not doing to much of a write-up about the stadium.

Here are old posts that include Indianapolis.


Last year the Indians Also played the Clippers.



Graham Godfrey was the starting pitcher for the Indianapolis Indians. Here he is throwing the first pitch to the Clippers Ezequiel Carrera who would hit a single to get on base. Carrera would steal 2nd and advance to third on a Ryan Rohlinger ground out. IMG_0173

Tim Fedroff also hit a ground out in the inning for the 2nd out but it would score the Clippers first run of the game, scoring Carrera.

IMG_0176Indians  second baseman Jared Goedert making the throw to first for the second out of the inning.


This was the first game this trip that Daisuke Matsuzaka did not start both the game I saw in Columbus and the game in Durham he had started. Todays starter was T. J. House. The Indians lead-off batter Darren Ford also got on base with a single.


Matt Hague also hit a single in the first and would score the tying run for the Indians.


Ford got caught stealing between second and third.


 Matt Hague would make it to second while they were chasing Ford. Ford was tagged out by T.J. House they then also tagged Hague thinking he was out but he was safe.IMG_0214

 Hague crossing home plate for an Indians run.IMG_0238

 Matt Carson would hit a one out single and then score the Clippers go ahead run in the 2nd inning on a Luis Hernandez single. Nate Spears scored the second run of the inning as show above on a Godfrey wild pitch. On the wild pitch Hernandez was stealing and got caught trying to get to 3rd. (3-1) Clippers


He was tagged out by the Indians Russ Canzler. This was Canzlers first game with the Indians. He was traded from the Orioles organization, he was playing with the Norfolk Tides for Tim Alderson. He also played for the Durham Bulls in 2011 and I have seen him play with them that year.

IMG_0273 Godfrey came out to warm up in the 4th and injured himself and the trainer for the Indians came out.


He would leave the field. It looked like it was a leg issue but not sure. He would leave the game pitching 3 complete innings giving up 3 runs on 7 hits striking out 2 and walking none.

IMG_0285 Zach Thornton took the mound for the Indians in the 4th inning.


T.J. House pitching in the 4th inning.


Lucas May watching a pitch go by at his 4th inning at bat.


Somewhere around the end 6th inning I did my wander around the stadium here are some photos from then. Jared Hughes came in the game to pitch for the Indians in the 7th inning.


Roberto Perez gets out in the 7th for the second out of the inning.


Here is a look of the field and skyline from behind home plate.


I then headed up to the second deck behind home plate. Ivan De Jesus put down a bunt single.


Blake Wood who came into pitch in the inning for the Clippers was unable to field it and throw to first.


De Jesus taking off for 2nd, He would reach second with no throw. He would remain at second and the Indians would not score in the inning.


 Juan Diaz making contact for a single in the 8th inning for the Clippers.


The ball rolling to the outfield.


Perez at first base. He would get out at second on a ball hit by Jeremy Hermida to first, Matt Hague would throw to short stop Brian Bocock back 2 first for the double play really nice play by the 2 of them.

IMG_0452A look from left field as Andrew Lambo bats in the 8th. Bryan Price came in to pitch for the Clippers in the 8th.

IMG_0455A look at the stadium from the left field side with the Hoosier lottery foul pole.


Clippers short stop Juan Diaz throwing to second base for the out at second. Jerry Sands was out at second.

IMG_0475Luis Hernandez made the turn for the double play.

IMG_0476But was unable to get Bryan Bocock at first.


The Clippers had a second chance at the double play and this time….


Making it on a ball hit by Lucas May to end the inning.


Lucas May catches a pitch that went past Luis Hernandez in the 9th inning. After the Indians would end the 9th inning with a double play of their own!


Ivan de Jesus flew out to Matt Carson in right field for the first out of the 9th inning.


Darren Ford did not put it that far into the field he popped out to the Clippers second baseman.


The third out of the 9th was on this swing by Jared Goedert,

IMG_0554Roberto Perez missed the ball the ball bounced out in front of the plate.


 Goedert did not even try to run to first and was tagged out. That was the end of the game it was a very anticlimactic end to the game nobody realized that the game was over for a second or 2 after the tag. The players were just standing there and the crowd did not move. The Clippers won this one 6-1 over the Indians and that concludes the 2013 road trip I will be heading back to Denver o Monday and will miss the Home Run Derby but will be back home for the All-Start game really wish I was going to be at the game but something don’t work out the way you want.

Can’t wait for the second half of the season and Coors should be real interesting.

Glad I got this game in victory Field is one of my favorite stadiums and is why I always try to make a game there when I am in Indy.

Well that is it for this game road trip and 1/2 of the 2013 season.

Thanks to everyone who makes this trip what it is from letting me stay with the, driving with me on legs of the trip getting me tickets and just being there for me during this grueling trip. A real special thanks to my awesome boss and staff I work with. Who cover at work for me while I am on these baseball adventures. So far I have traveled over 4000 miles and still have about 1100 back to Denver

Well have a great break for the next few days See You at Coors.

Thanks again to everyone who follows my blog and adventures!

To much rain and still got to a game!


Columbus Clippers vs. Durham Bulls

Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, N.C.

Game 5 of road trip



This day started with a lot of rain in Raleigh I was suppose to go to a Carolina Mudcats game. Five County Stadium is the only stadium that is used for professional baseball I have not been too in N.C. Since I Have been to Durham 2 previous times I was not planning on going back to Durham this trip. After I saw that the Mudcats was rained out I immediately check to see who else was around and playing the Bulls were home and I decided to get back to DBAP just to get a game in since I have not seen a game in about 7 days since I was in Boston. This being the 3rd time I have been to the DBAP and it was raining I did not really have to get there to early. I have already seen the ballpark and done posts about the stadium.


There was a new piece of art work outside the stadium and it was this art Cow celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the movie “Bull Durham” It is decorated in a Bulls uniform and catchers gear depicting the character Crash Davis in the movie.

This is a look of the side of the cow.


After entering the stadium I took this BNW of the Bull in left field from the tunnel to the field.


There was another new addition to the stadium area and it is this new building in left field.


The Bulls Played the Columbus Clippers and Daisuke Matsuzaka pitched. I saw him pitch in Columbus at the beginning of this trip. In this photo he is warming up in the bull-pen along the left field line.


Bulls Manager Charley Montoyo and Clippers manager Chris Tremie exchange line up cards with the umpires.


The Bulls starting pitcher Merrill Kelly pitching to the Clippers Ezequiel Carrera. Carrera walked and ended up advancing to third after he stole second and a wild pitch got him to third. The next 3 batters got out and he did not score.


Carrera diving back after his 1st inning walk.


Daisuke Matsuzaka pitching to the Bulls Evan Frey who lead off with a single. The Bulls scored 2 runs in the inning. Frey scored on a Cole Figueroa double. Figueroa scored on a Vince Belnome single for a 2-0 lead.


Daisuke pitching in the 3rd inning. I decided to walk to the third base side just to get some photos without the net in the way. The seats I had was great for watching a game but a nightmare for taking photos. for most of the game I did stay in m seat just and just watched the game.


Shelley Duncan takes a swing for a strike in the 3rd inning. He would strike out to end the inning for the Bulls.


The Clippers Cord Phelps takes a swing for a strike in the 4th inning. The Clippers went down in order in the 4th everyone flying out to the outfield. Phelps flew out to right.


Here is a look at the stadium from my seat behind home plate while the Clippers were batting in the 5th.

The Bulls did score a run in the 4th Leslie Anderson hit a lead off home run. It was the first time I got to see the bull breath smoke, the Bulls did not hit any home runs the last 2 times I was there. (3-0) Bulls.


Matt Carson slides into 3rd in the Columbus 5th. The Clippers did get 2 runs in the inning. Carson and Luis Hernandez would both score on a Ezequiel Carrera single. (3-2) Bulls


Shelley Duncan hit the second Bulls home run of the game scoring 2 runs. (5-2) Bulls


The Bull breathed smoke once again! I did take a photo after the 4th inning Anderson home run but you could not see it as well with the netting and rain.


After pitching to 3 batters in the 6th inning. Daisuke was taken out of the game and he was replaced with Bryan Price. Daisuke did not pitch as well in this game as he did in the Columbus game I saw. He gave up 5 runs on 7 hits, 2 home runs and walked and struck out 3.


Chris Gimenez hitting a single in the 6th inning.


A Clippers player score in the 7th inning. They score 3 runs in the inning not to sure which run this was. That tied up the game at 5.


A runner heads back to first after a sac fly by Chun-Hsiu Chen. Which I think is the above run also.


The Bulls making a pitching change in the 7th inning. Jeff Beliveau replaces Steve Getz who came in for Kelly in the 7th. Kelly pitched 6 innings giving up 4 hits and 2 runs, walked 3 struck out 4.


Another of the 3 Clippers runs that was scored in the 7th. inning.


A high and inside pitch to the Clippers Tim Fedroff in the 7th he would hit a single but did not score any runs all the runs were scored before this at bat.


Jeff Beliveau being taken out of the game in the 9th inning. IMG_7956

Charlie Montoyo comes out to remove Beliveau.


Kirby Yates came into the game.


After the Clippers and Bulls both did not score it was time for well the photo says it best!


Shelley Duncan hits a double off the Blue monster in the bottom of the 10th. To advance Vince Belnome who walked to lead off the inning to third.


The ball being fielded after bouncing off the wall by the Clippers left fielder Tim Fedroff.


Belnome arrive to third well infront of the throw from left.


Leslie Anderson on deck ready to step to the plate.


He would hit a walk off single scoring Belnome and winning the game for the Bulls.


Belnome after crossing home and heading to celebrate down the first base line.


The Bulls celebrate around Leslie Anderson at first place. IMG_8011

The Bulls won this game 6-5. It was a great night to see some baseball in the rain. Once again The Mudcats stadium is still eluding me!


More celebrating after win.

I really like the stadium  in Durham and am glad I got back there. On another day I will finally get to my last stadium in N.C..

My next game I will be head to a Danville Braves game which is in the Appalachian League.

So that is it from Durham.

See You around!

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Columbus smokes the Pigs


Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs vs. Columbus Clippers

Huntington Park, Columbus, Ohio

First game ever in Ohio. Second of road trip.

The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are a Triple A affiliate of the Phillies and the Clippers are the affiliate of the Indians.


I arrived at the stadium about 3o minutes before the gates opened when I arrived there was a sign on the window that only standing room only tickets were available. That’s fine because most of the time I walk around new stadiums any way. I got my ticket and walked around the outside of the stadium.


Before I did get my ticket I noticed these openings in the outfield wall. It was a really cool feature that I have not seen before in a park, the only one I knew about was the one at AT&T Park in San Francisco.


This is a photo of a Statue outside the centerfield fence. It is of Harold M. Cooper who was originally a Clubhouse manager and then a GM. He was also President of the Independent League.


This was behind the statue it was it was a sculpture with a bunch of different things on it having to do with the history of the team in Columbus.

While I was waiting to get into the stadium there was a batting practice going on. So I went to the Seats to see if I could snag a baseball. Batting Practice ended after a few minutes and I did not get a ball. I have gotten BP baseballs and game balls from the International League.


I found it interesting that they had nets up in right field. I thought it was going to be one of those stadiums with the netting up around the field. I did notice that it was not anywhere else around the field. They did take it down after BP.


I thought this was cool on the section signs they had photos of the players on them that played in Columbus through the years. Not sure who these players are. Later I did find a photo of Jorge Posada later during the game.


This is a sculpture they have on the concourse by left field.


This was a very cool feature to the stadium it was a already existing building that the made into suites to watch the game from.

Around the stadium they have many photos and displays about the Speed of the Game. Here are 2 of them in the next 2 photos.



Here is a look behind home plate area and more suites. This stadium has a lot of suites and special areas. It made it kind of hard to just walk around and take in the stadium.


There was a solid rail down the whole length of the stands from top to bottom so you could not access the area behind home plate the only way to get to them was through a entrance on the concourse or jump over the rail, which probably would not go over to well with the stadium staff.


This stadium seemed to have a lot of areas you could not access which is very rare for a minor league stadium usually you can get almost anywhere before the game.


I like this feature that that you were able to see the field from the confession stand and it had access from all sides. As usual I did not eat at the stadium which I tend not to do much. The prices were comparable to other stadiums in the minor leagues.


Here is the Iron Pigs starting pitcher Tyler Cloyd warming up in their bullpen along the 3rd base side of the field.


Daisuke Matsuzaka warming up in the Clippers bullpen along the 1st base line.


Daisuke throwing the first pitch to the Iron Pigs Jermaine Mitchell who grounded out to first for the first out of the game. Cesar Hernandez struck out for the second out. Cody Asche would hit a double to get the game’s first hit.


Here he is sliding into second after hitting a double to right field.

Darin Ruf would strike out for the 3rd out of the inning.


Tyler Cloyd throwing his first pitch to the Clippers Ezquiel Carrera who started the inning off with a single. The next batter Matt Carson struck out.


Carrera stole 2nd base.


Jeremy Hermida hit a 2 run home run to put the Clippers on the board. It did not slow down there.


Cord Phelps hit a double to get on base.


Tim Fedroff hitting a single scoring Phelps from second.


Fedoroff would advance to second on a balk  call


Iron Pigs manager Dave Brundage came out to talk to the umpire about the call.


Juan Diaz would hit the second home run of the inning to give the Clippers a 5-0 lead.


Diaz high fives a teamate after crossing home plate.

Nate Spears got the last out of the inning a fly ball to left field.

Josh Fields hit a 1 out single to get things started for the Iron Pigs in the second inning. Steve Susdorf followed up with a single of his own.


Here is Daisuke pitching with runners on first and third. The Iron Pigs would get a run in the inning. (5-1) Clippers


Ezequiel Carrera Puts down a bunt fielded by Iron Pigs catcher Cameron Rupp.


He was out at first.


Roberto Perez slides into third after a Matt Carson fly out to center.


Cesar Hernandez hits a double to the right field corner.


Hernadez at second after his double. He remained on base in the inning.


Around the 4th inning I noticed the sky seemed like it would have a really good sunset brewing, so in the 5th I headed to center field to get some photos of the sunset. I was right and it was a great sunset over the home plate area of Huntington Ball Park.


These were 2 of my favorites I took while out there.


After I got back to the 3rd base side former Rockies Greg Smith was warming up in the bullpen.


He came into pitch in the 5th. Here he is throwing over to first Tim Fedroff who was walked by Cloyd before he was taken out of the game. Cloyd left the game giving up 5 hits, 5 runs, striking out 7 and walking 3.


They had a hot dog race it was not creepy like the Coors race. It was fun that one of the hot dogs ran up the tarp and jumped on another.


The 3 Hot Dogs were Relish, Mustard and Ketchup, Ketchup won


The Super Moon over The building in left field.


In the 8th Jeremy Hermida Slides into home.


He was safe!!!


for the Clippers 6 run of the game.


The Clippers won this game 6-2, the Iron Pigs second run came in the 7th inning.


That is it for this one. hmm Just realized I have never seen the Clippers lose last year I saw them in Indianapolis and they beat the Indians.

O.K. Game to is done. After this game I drove over night to N.Y. Before heading to Boston!

See ya from Fenway Pawk!

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