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Kannapolis over Powered!


West Virginia Power vs. Kannapolis Intimidators

The Power are the low single A affiliate of the Pirates and the Kannapolis Intimidators are the low A affiliate of the White Sox.

CMC-Northeast Stadium

Kannapolis, N.C.

This is my 8th game on the road trip.

Since I was heading to charlotte to see my Cousins that live there I figured I would go to a game in Kannapolis I have been there before, but since I have never got a South Atlantic League Ball I knew they had a spot where you could watch batting practice and see if I could snag one so I headed out behind the field and almost immediately found a ball.


Here it is before I picked it up. So I was like great I finally got the elusive S.A.L. ball. I pick it up and it is not a S.A.L. ball but and MLB ball I than noticed that it had a logo and I just laughed…..


….because here I am 1600 miles from Denver and the first ball I find was a 20th Anniversary Rockies logo ball. Now they have been hard to come by in Denver unless you get a game ball or a toss up during practice.

So I kept searching for the S.A.L. ball and the next one I found was a Minor League practice ball. By then One of my cousins headed out and found another Minor League Practice ball still not finding a S.A.L. ball. Now the reason I have called the S.A.L. ball elusive is because of the amount of game I have seen in this league and have never got one. Many of the stadiums don’t have great availability for batting practice and I have never got a game ball from any of them and that was with seeing 3 games in Greensboro, 2 in Ashville, 1 in Lexington and the previous game in Kannapolis. So 7 games in the last 3 years and did not get one.

So I than found one and the quest for the Elusive S.A.L ball was over not even 2 minutes or so later I found a second!!!!

IMG_20130709_174526These are the 2 S.A.L. baseballs I found on my Easter egg hunt behind the stadium. In total I found 4 and my cousin found 1 and a half basically he found a ball with no cover that was pretty beat up.


It was time to head in, one of the biggest differences was they had changed the stadiums name since the last time I was there. It use to be Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium. It is now CMC-Northeast Stadium.


An interesting thing they do in this stadium is post the Nextel Cup standings.

IMG_9654Here is a view of the main building at the stadium. It is where the main entrance is, souvenir store and the stadiums suites are located! even the last time I mentioned that this stadium felt like it was in someone’s back yard which is something I like about this stadium.

Here is a link from my last game in Kannapolis.



The players cam out to warm up and after the normal stretching and throwing they broke up into groups of 4 and played pepper which is a exercise/game that was more common years ago. this is the first time I have seen it.


Braulio Ortiz throwing the first pitch to Barrett Barnes, he would hit a lead-off single.


Barnes dives back on a throw over to first base.


The second batter for the Power Dilson Herrera popped out to the Intimidators catcher Brent Tanner.


Tyler Glasnow was the starting pitcher for the Powers he is currently the #19 prospect in the Pirates organization. Besides hitting the second batter in the inning he pitched very well striking out 2 in the 1st. IMG_9738The Intimidators first batter Jacob May broke his bat on Glasnows first or second pitch.


May hit him self with the handle part of the bat. The trainer actually use the towel they always come out of the dugout with.


After he got back in the box he hit a soft hit that the Powers third base man fielded for the out at first.


The batter that did get on base in the inning was Tim Anderson, after getting on base he stole second!


The Powers lead off batter in the 2nd was Eric Wood.


He hit the ball to the track in center, but it was caught by Kannapolis’ center fielder Jacob May. The Power would have 2 runners in the inning. Max Moroff the second batter of the inning walked and the third Walker Gourley reached on a fielding error by the short stop Tim Anderson.


Designated Hitter Michael Johnson hitting a 2nd inning single to Eric Woods at third.


Johnson would reach base on a throw that got past the Powers first base man Walker Gourley. It was not ruled an error it was a base hit foe Johnson. He may have been able to get to second but remained at first.


Ortiz pitching with a runner on in the 3rd inning. The runner for the Power was Josh Bell who hit a single to get on base. Both teams failed to score in the 3rd. The Intimidators did have a scoring opportunity Kale Kisner reached on a single but was throw out at second trying to steal second base two batters later Tim Anderson hit a double which most likely could have scored Kisner from first or second if he did steal the base successfully. That would have given the Intimidators a 1 run lead.


Things got very rough for the Intimidators starter Ortiz in the 4th. After Max Moroff singled with one out. Walker Gourley followed that up with a single also then two batters in a row walked first, Francisco Diaz and then Raul Fortunado. The second walk brought in the Powers first run scoring Moroff from third. (1-0) Power Their second run came on a sac fly by Barrett Barnes to center and that scored Gourley. (2-0) Power. Besides the 4th inning runs Ortiz pitched well he did work himself out of a situation with 2 runners on in the 2nd and he stayed in the game through the 6th inning. After the 4th inning he came out very strong in the 5th. the first batter of the inning Josh Bell grounded out and he then struck out Jordan steranka and eric would to end the inning. He did walk the lead-off batter in the 6th but then had the second batter hit into a double play by keeping the ball low and on the ground for hits and finished the inning with his 4th strike out of the game.


Alex Power pitched the 7th and 8th inning for the Intimidators. He pitched well in 7th and let up a run in the 8th. Eric Wood Scored on a Walker Gourley single. (3-0) Power


Max Moroff sliding into 3rd on the Gourley single.


Jason Coats hit into a double play with runners on 2nd and third. The Powers Dolson Herrera stepping on second and turning the throw to first.


Coats out a first.


Keon Barnum hitting a RBI scoring single.


Jacob May scoring the Intimidators first and only run in the 9th inning. Brent Tanner would ground out to end the game. The Power would win with the 3-1 score.


The Power celebrate their victory in Kannapolis. After this game they are 46-41 on the season and The Intimidators are not being to intimidating in The S.A.L with a  34- and 53 record.

That is it for this one in Kannapolis may have another game coming up this weekend before heading back to Denver for the All-Star week and Roxivus next weekend.

Till then see you around.