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Walkin off in the Springs!


Memphis Redbirds vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Security Service Field

Colorado Springs, Colorado

My 2nd Sky Sox game of the year. 24th game in total for the year!

This was my second trip to the Springs this year. Like always I headed out behind the stadium to see if I could find some baseballs and did not find any. We then headed into the stadium. I went with Mariano and Jared. After we entered the stadium we headed to the Redbirds side of the field. After finding out the one player I had cards for was sent back up to the Cardinals I headed to the Sky Sox side of the field. I got GlenAllen Hill to sign a copy of the program and also had Kyle Parker to sign a card. I also got Mike McKenry on Mariano’s Rockies team ball, a 8×10 signed by Christian Friedrick and 3 others in my spring training program so not a bad day for graphs. Every thing I brought to be signed was. It did help that I did not have much!


The players lined up during the National Anthem.

Today I did something I have never done at a game before and that was take every photo with nothing but a wide angle lens! I did not feel like caring my large zoom for this game, 1 because I felt lazy this day and 2 the lighting stinks at this stadium and I really did not feel like taking a camera to begin with.


Christian Bergman was the starting pitcher for the Sky Sox.

Zach Petrick started for the Redbirds both pitchers had 1,2,3 inning in the first. Both aloud runners in the 2nd.


Jason Pridie grounded out to start the game for the Sky Sox.


The second Redbirds hit was by Jermaine Curtis that got past Paul Janish at 2nd in the 2nd inning.


Curtis running to first.

Now this game was a pitching duel and well there were not many hits and due to the wide angle lens there were not many photos!

There were no runs by either team and the Sky Sox Brought Chad Bettis into pitch the 9th inning.


With 1 out he did give up a double to Scott Moore and walked Curtis. Bettis got out of the inning on a ball hit by Luis Mateo to end the inning. Christian Bergman pitched 8 complete inning giving up 4 hits no runs and struck out and walked 2.


A look from behind home plate during Ben Paulsen’s 9th inning at bat. Sam Freeman who pitched the 8th started the 9th inning for the Redbirds.  Zach Petrick pitched 7 complete inning giving up 3 hits, no runs and struck out 3 and walk 1.

Freeman struck out the first 2 Sky Sox batters of the inning Ryan Wheeler and Ben Paulsen. Freeman was taken out of the game after a single by Tim Wheeler and Jorge Rondon came into pitch for the Redbirds.


The game went to the 10th inning and the Redbirds failed to score or get runs in the inning off Bettis who continued to pitch in the 10th. rondon also continued to pitch for the redbirds in the 10. He walked pinch hitter Rafael Ynoa who would score the only run of the game after singles by Jason Pridie and Josh Ruthledge. With base’s loaded Kyle Parker hit a single that scored Ynoa and win the game for the Sky Sox 1-0.

This is only the second time in Sky Sox history that they went to extra inning scoreless.


The Sky Sox clear the dugout for the celebrating at 1st base.

( Should have stayed where I sat most of the game, would of had good photos of this celebration)


This was a very good pitching battle and this was the first time I have seen Bergman pitch. He has been having a good year he is 3-2 on the year with 9 starts he has pitched 58 1/3 innings, striking out 35 with a 3.25 ERA. He did not get the win tonight because he came out with  a 0-0 score and his record does not reflect what he is actually doing because of his no decisions like in this game.

That is it from the Springs I will be at Coors for the Giants series.

I delayed this post because of the Nolan Arenado walk off at Coors in the first game against the Giants!


Talk to the Hand, Close to a No,No in N.O.!


Memphis Redbirds Vs. New Orleans Zephyrs

The Redbirds are a St. Louis Cardinals triple A affiliate

The New Orleans Zephyrs are a Miami Marlins triple A affiliate. These teams are part of the Pacific coast League.

The Zephyrs where a Minor League team in Denver from 1955-1992

Zephyrs Fields Metairie, Louisiana

After leaving Texas we headed to New Orleans for a triple A game between the Memphis Redbirds and the New Orleans Zephyrs.

The drive between Dallas and New Orleans was about 7 hours.

After checking into our Hotel we headed to Zephyr Field. This Stadium looks like it was a little older than most it was kinda boring on the outside and basic on the inside. It really did not have too much about the team history like many ballparks do. The Zephyrs have been in New Orleans since 1992 and were founded in 1900.

Here is a list of their MLB affiliates through the years.

Miami Marlins (2009–present) –New York Mets (2007–2008)  Washington Nationals (2005–2006) Houston Astros  (1997–2004) Milwaukee Brewers  (1987–1996) Cincinnati Reds (1985–1986) Chicago White Sox  (1983–1984)  Texas Rangers (1982 ) Montreal Expos (1976–1981) Chicago White Sox (1975) Houston Astros (1973–1974) Texas Rangers (1972) Washington Senators (1970–1971)Minnesota Twins (1965–1969) Milwaukee Braves (1963–1964) Detroit Tigers (1960–1962) New York Yankees (1955–1958) Pittsburgh Pirates (1952–1954)Boston Braves (1949–1951)

Thanks to wiki for this info!

Here is a look at Zephyr’s Field from behind home plate when we arrived we got to the game a little after the gates opened and about 50 minutes or so before  the start of the game.

Zephyrs players during warm ups.

This is a look towards the west as the sun started to set. from the right field line.

Zephyrs starter Brad Hand warming up in the bullpen before the game.

Luke Montz catches one.

Brad Hand throwing the first pitch to the Redbirds Lou Montanez. Hand would bitch slap the Redbirds for the first 3 innings going perfect through 3. In those 3 he struck out 4. Redbirds starter John Gast pitching in the first he did not start off as well against the Zephyrs Kevin Mattison who hit a lead off triple. He would give up 3 hits in the inning, hitting 1 batters and the Zephyrs would   score a run. On the upside he did strike out the last batter Chris Aguila. He fouled off a pitch in the inning that Amy got of a bounce. She is on fire this trip with baseballs!!! She did give this one away because it was a PCL ball which we get at The Springs all the time.

Mattison crossing the plate for the Zephyrs first run.

Bryan Peterson steals second in the first inning. He would get caught for the second out of the inning.

Chris Aguila takes a swing in the 1st.

Matt Dominguez takes a swing in the second. Matt was the Marlins 2007 first round draft pick, 12th over all.

Redbirds Pete Kozma catches a Matt Dominguez pop fly for the first out in the 2nd inning.

In the 4th inning I took a walk around Zephyrs stadium.

Here is a look from the second deck. Yes a second deck This stadium has 10,000 seats and can fit 1,000 people on the berm or since we are in New Orleans the Levee.

A look at the sunset from the concourse.

Mattison running to first for a single in the 4th.

Another view from the upper deck towards the first base side.

The Creative BNW for this post.

One of the promos between innings. Can you Identify this stadium?

A look at the concourse.

Zephyrs Field slightly  after sunset.

Catcher in the bullpen while Rob Delaney warmed up. Delaney pitched the 7th and 8th for the Zephyrs.

Mike Cervenak crosses the plate after his 8th inning HR. Beside the 1 in the 1st inning. The Zephyrs scored 2 in the 3rd. 1 in the 4th. 4 in the 5th, 2 in the 7th. For a total of 11 runs. Brad Hand got a little roughed up in the 4th letting up 2 runs to the Redbirds. but went 1,2,3, in the 5th and 6th. Only faced 4 batters in the 7th. One hit was a HR  hit by Pete Kozma (11-3) Zephyrs.

Zack Cox grounds out to end the game and the Zephyrs win 11-3.

The final scoreboard.

After the game we took the speed tour of the City of New Orleans

We stopped at the superdome. I like that it was lit in purple must have knew we were in town!!

We drove where we could in the French Quarter. Here is another creative BNW to show off the mad photo skillz.

We stayed in New Orleans and headed to Atlanta the next morning more on the trip to Atlanta in my next post. That’s it for this one from New Orleans.

I have taken many photos at all these game I just used ones that help make this post almost relevant. I hope I get to do a post of some of my unused photos later in the trip.

Also remember to check out Amy’s blog. www.takefromblake.mlblogs.com



The Sky Sox in the Red against the Birds.


Memphis Redbirds Vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Memphis Redbirds are a triple A  Affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinal

This game was also one of the games that Jason Giambi did his rehab assignment in the Springs. He has been on the disabled list with a strained left quadricep muscle.

He came out early being one of the first players to get on the field he immediately started signing autographs.

 Here he is signing autos. He signed from about 20 minutes before the game til almost first pitch.

Another photo as he continued to sign for the Colorado Spring fans. He signed a card a Rockies magazine and 2 mini Helmets for me.

He was not in the starting line up in this nights game. He was used as a pinch hitter in the game.

Clayton Mortensen throws the first pitch to the Redbirds Adron ChambersWho would strike out for the first out of the inning. Mortensen would allow 2 walks, a single and 1 strike out to the next 4 batters. Andrew Brown was the 6 batter to step to the plate in the first and hit a grand slam HR. (4-0) Redbirds.

Browns Redbirds teammates greet him with high fives as he crosses home plate.

The next batter would fly out to end the inning.

The Sky Sox would not produce a run till the 4th by that time the were already down 7-1.

Mortensen would be taken out in the 5th. Blake Johnson would be brought into the game. (Not to be confused with Alan Johnson or Andrew Johnston)

Stu Coles hands the ball to Blake Johnson in the 5th Inning.

In the bottom of the 5th inning the unfamiliar # 51 came out of the dugout to bat in the pitchers spot. Well unfamiliar as # 51 and in a Sky Sox uniform.

Jason Giambi #51 batting in the 5th inning for the Sky Sox.

The Sky Sox did not score any runs in the 5th. They would get 2 in the 6th. (7-3) Redbirds

Alan Johnson would then pitch in the 6th inning for the Sky Sox.

The Redbirds would score 1 in the7th. (8-3) Redbirds

The Sky Sox would pick up one run in the 7th and then 2 in the 9th. (10-4) Redbirds

10-4 but it wasn’t over an out quite yet for the Sky Sox, Matt Macri would hit a lead off solo HR in the 9th. (10-5) Redbirds

 Macri steps on home for the Sky Sox 5th run. (5-10).That was the final score.

Oh and Giambi’s at bat in the 5th he struck out!

The Rockies return to Coors Monday @ Coors against the Marlins see ya then.