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We will call this the Corey Dickerson Show with special guest Jorge and Yorvit!


Padres vs. Rockies game 3 of series.

Series tied 1-1


Today being a day game there was no batting practice. so it was a lot of time and try and get autographs at the wall. It was a pretty good day for that because I had a few new photos printed up. So I got Rex Brothers to sign a photo. Then Carlos Gonzalez signed after he was done working out on the field. I had him sign the photo of him being interviewed at Fenway Park by Cowboy and Jenny. I then headed over to the pre game set and got Cowboy and Jenny to sign it. I also had him sign a card.


Here he is signing along the wall. While he was signing Robert asked him if he had a glove for him that he promised him a few years ago. so after he was done signing he ran down to the clubhouse and a few minutes later came out with this…


..and signed it!


Before the game Kurt Bucsh throw out the first pitch.


He is currently the driver of the #78 car in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series They are the Denver area based team and the only Nascar team base west of the Mississippi. I have met him once in the garage in Charlotte when he was driving the Miller car. So it was kinda interesting to see him in Denver throwing a baseball. Other furniture row drivers have also thrown out the first pitch in the past.


Jorge De La Rosa was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. He put the Padres down in order in the first and second inning.

Corey Dickerson with 2 outs did it once again he hit a double. This was his 7th since being called up and 3rd this series.

IMG_3791He would then score on a Michael Cuddyer double to give the Rockies a 1-0 lead.

The Padres tied it in the 3rd with a run on a Chris Denorfia single score Ronnie Cedano from second.

dexter Fowler lead-off the 3rd with a single and scored on a Corey Dickerson triple. His second since being called up. Dickerson scored on a Troy Tulowitzki single. (3-1)Rox


The Padres would get one back in the 4th inning to make the score 3-2 Rockies. After Jedd Gyorko hit a one out doubled and scored on a Jesus Guzman single.

After the 3rd the Rockies sat down in order for 4 straight innings. De La Rosa pitched 7 innings allowing 2 runs on 8 hits striking out 6 and walking only one batter. Chris Denorfia in the 5th.

In the 6th inning Yorvit Torrealba made one of the most interesting double plays I have seen in along time if not ever. With Jedd Gyorko at third and Jesus Guzman at first, Logan Forsythe hit a ball to Nolan Arenado at third who threw home to Yorvit he chase Gyorko back towards third and tagged him while that was happening Guzman started running to third after Yorvit tagged Gyorko he dove in front of Guzman for the out at third. He made an unassisted double play at third base.


This is him after the play. I did not have the camera ready and could not get it fast enough to get the play. Really wish I had the whole sequence.


Tulo giving him the fist bump after the play. People at the beginning of the year asked why we got him back it is plays like this.


 Jorge still pitching in the 7th inning.

Matt Belilse Pitched the 8th for the Rockies. Getting all 3 batters he faced out in the inning.


Corey Dickerson trying to stretch a sure double his 8th, into a not so much triple being tagged out at third after a soft hit over Cedano’s head at short. Dexter Fowler did score the Rockies 4th run of the game on the hit by Dickerson.


After a strike out looking to end the 8th inning look who is arguing with the ump?!!


Rex Brothers pitched in the 9th inning for the save his 11th of the year. Rafael Betancourt did return during the road stand and will be the closer again.

The Rockies went on to win this game 4-2.


Corey Dickerson was player of the game going 3 for 4 with 2 double and a triple and 2 RBI’s and was batting .321 after this his game in 33 games with 78 at bats. 12 for extra bases including his 2 home runs.


I think this will not be his only player of the game he seems to have quite a future with this team hope he keeps it up.

So that is it for this home satnd the Rockies were a very good 5-1 in the series with the big sweep against the Pirates and taking 2 from the Padres. They are currently 1-2 on the road trip losing the 3 game series to the Orioles.

Well with the season quickly dwindling see you at Coors when the Rockies are home against the san Francisco Giants next Monday the 26th.

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Giant Shutout by Nicasi000000000!


Giants vs. Rockies Game 4

My 22nd game of the year.IMG_0830

Today was a Sunday day game, so that means it was a autograph Sunday and They were also giving away a bobble head. Today it was of Dante Bichette.


The Bobble head was of his fist bump after his Coors Field opening game 14th inning walk off home run on April 26, 2013

After we got in of course we had to wait for the 12:40 autograph session. While we were waiting Michael Cuddyer was throwing and running.



He was wearing his Kick Their Ass’s not ours t-shirt!


This is the back of the shirt as he headed back to dugout. The signers today was Jeff Francis, Charlie Blackmon, Wilin Rosario and Tyler Chatwood. I needed 3 of the 4 on my team project. I knew it was going to take work but I was able to get Francis and Rosario during the autograph session with a little help. Than Charlie Blackmon who I also needed signed during warm ups. Then I was informed that Michael Cuddyer was doing an interview on the Root set so I headed over and when he was done I got him on it also so that was 4 guys I needed on my team project. Now all I need is Troy Tulowitzki and D.J. Lemahieu. This is the most successful team project I have had and it is almost done and it is not even June. I know I can get D.J. it is going to probably take the rest of the year to get Tulo! He is usually close to the last person I get on my team projects. Also Cuddy said he was doing well and he is going to be evaluated on Tuesday and then they will know when he will comeback to playing or if he will be rehabbing with the Sky Sox.


Here is Dante Warming up before throwing out his first pitch.


Dante throwing out the first pitch to his Rockies teammate Vinny Castilla.


 They are both back working with the Rockies Vinny As the special Assitant to the GM and Dante is the batting coach.


Juan Nicasio throwing first pitch to Angel Pagan. Juan had one of his best outing we have seen in a long time. had 1,2,3 first with the final out of the inning being a strike out to Pablo Sandoval. He was very good with his placement and had many ground ball outs.


Barry Zito was the starting pitcher for the Giants Eric Young Jr. led off the game for the Rockies with a single.

IMG_0851While Dexter Fowler was batting Young stole second…



IMG_0865and advanced to third on a wild pitch to Carlos Gonzalez.


Young scored the first run for the Rockies first run.


Cargo handing his shin guard to 1st base coach Rene Lachman after getting his RBI single.


Cargo Advanced to second on a Troy Tulowitzki ground out and after Giants first baseman Brandon Belt tagged first he threw to second baseman Nick Noonan. Cargo than landed on Noonan and seemed to injure his shoulder.

IMG_0880Noonan taking a few throws to make sure the shoulder was OK.

IMG_0885In the 5th inning I  took a walk out to the pavilions to Visit the Ranter. Took a few photos along the way. Here is Juan Nicasio pitching to Brandon Belt. Belt would ground out to first fo the first out of the inning.


Juan Nicasio still pitching in the 6th inning. At this point of the game he had 3 strike outs and the giants only had 1 hit. The second Giants hit of the game was in this inning and that was by Gregor Blanco. He also walked Noonan both runners were left on base.

The Rockies got something going in the bottom of the 5th. Dexter Fowler led the inning off with a base hit Cargo would score him for the Rockies second run of the game.  Cargo would score on a Jordan Pacheco single. (3-0) Rockies


D.J lemahieu would hit into a force getting Pacheco out at second after Brandon Belt threw to Brandon Crawford who was covering first. Crawford than threw back to first to get LeMahieu out at first and over threw the base.


As Lemahieu advanced to second Crawford than booted the ball off his glove away from the base LeMahieu successfully reached second. Rutledge would than strike out to end the inning.


I headed back to my spot on the first baseline and got Tulo hitting this single in the 6th inning scoring Young and Fowler. The rockies were now up 5-0 over the Giants.


Matt Belise pitched the 7th inning for the Rockies. Juan Nicasio pitched 6 complete innings. He struck out 5, walked 1 and only allowed 3 hits and no runs. This was a really good start for the struggling Nicasio great to see him do well. This really needed to be a great start for him and it was.


Rex Brothers finished up the game pitching in the 9th. He struck out Hunter Pence, Brandon Belt grounded out and than he struck out Gregor Blanco. The Rockies won this game 5-0 and it was the first time Zito has lost to the Rockies. The Rockies had 5 runs on 11 hits and he walked 5 batters.

That is it for this game and this series. The Rockies took the series 3-1 and is the first time the Rockies won a series against the Giants since I think 2010 or so. Nice to see them beat a team above them in the division. Giants errors did help and the Rockies used them to there advantage through the series.

Next up at Coors 3 against the Diamondbacks I will be there for the whole series.

See you at Coors!