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Captains Rock N’ roll over the Hot Rods.


I started the day with a little touristy stuff around Cleveland before heading to Eastlake Ohio for the Lake County Captains game the first stop I made, but did not go on the tour was the Christmas Story House.


It is not far from down town and was on my way to my second stop the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I did go by the  H.O.F. the day before but did not tour it not having time before the Indians game. Since I did not have to get to Lake County till about 4:30 and had to check out of my hotel by 12 it seemed like a great way to kill some time.


This was someplace I always wanted to check out because besides baseball music is my second addiction. Growing up N.Y. I was a huge heavy Metal and Punk Rock fan. The day before I went to the RNR HOF just to check it out and the first thing I saw when I walked in was the old CBGB’s owning and it almost brought tears to my eye’s I spent a lot of time there before moving to Denver and seeing that awning was like running into an old friend and brought back a lot of memories of what seems like a different lifetime to me in N.Y.

After starting the tour they had a short movie about the history of RnR and was really cool. Then as you heading out of the theater there was an interactive area that you would hit on a band and it would show there influences. I think I could spend alloy=t of time in this area. The you headed into a exhibit entirely on Elvis.


Now I have never really been an Elvis fan but it was really interesting and he was a huge influence Rock and Roll, hence why he is the King!

It had some really cool artifacts from his life including a military outfit and many of his guitars,stage outfits and a motorcycle. It also had a short film on him.


Amongst the stuff they had displayed on the first level was D.M.C’s addidas and glasses, Jam Master Jay’s gold chain and one of their hats. they also had some stuff from Metallica which was really cool to me they were one of my favorite bands growing up. They had the scale from the Justice tour which I saw at the Nassau Coliseum when I was 13. Thy also had some guitars and a Jason Newsted stage outfit.(Black T-shirt, jeans and combat boots) I did not get great photos of their stuff but it was cool to see.


Another display had some stuff from Seattle bands and this display had Curt Cobain’s guitar sweater and knit hat. This whole display was music by city so it had displays for many city’s and stuff from the bands that came from there. They also had a video on each city.


The top floors of the museum were set up for a tribute to the music festivals, this is a display with some Woodstock stuff. They had many videos in this area as well about the history of the Music festival, the promoters and the fans. Then on the top most level they had a 18 minute film with clips from performances at music fest’s through out the years.

IMG_5375On the 4th or 5th level in the atrium area they had this Wall set up from a Roger Waters show.

That was a really awesome experience and so glad I went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. If you ever heard a song on the radio I would recommend going to the RnR HOF.

After going to the RnR HOF I took the quick 20 minute drive to East Lake, Ohio to go to Classics Ball Park home of the Lake County Captains they are a A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. They played the Bowling Green Hot Rods the A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. I got there abot 4:30 because they were giving away Jobu bobble heads. The statue that Pedro Cerrano had in his locker in the movie. The line was really long when I got there and after the wait the gates opened and I barley got in to get one and I was only about halfway in the line. They gave out 1500 and sold close to 6000 tickets.

These teams are part of the mid West League.


The stadium was packed at first, a lot of people got their Bobble heads and left.

On the concource they had a few Cleveland area athletes signing autographs and Chelcie Ross (Eddie Harris in the Movie) also signed.


here is a look at the stadium, it kinda looked like a newer version of Security Service field.


All the athletes that were there through ot the first pitches. in Total their were 9 first pitches! the first was Jock Callender who was a hockey player. The others were Hector Marinaro who was a soccer player, Jessica “evil” Eye and Stipe Miorcic both are UFC fighters and from the area. Al “Bubba” Baker a football player, Jim Chones, Robert “Bingo” Smith, Austin Carr and last was Chelsie Ross. Who they brought out a tray of pitching aids to throw his pitch including Vaseline and Jalapeños.


Here he is throwing out his pitch.

So it was now time for the game.


Mitch Brown was the staring pitcher for the Captains.


Keon Wong makes contact and grounds out to first for the second out for the hot Rods in the inning.


D.J. Slanton was the starter for the Hot Rods. IMG_5539He gave up a hit to the Captains Clint Frazier and then Paul Hendrix hit into a double play to end the inning.


The first 2 out the Captains got in the top of the second was also a double play, Getting Alexander Simons out at second on a ball hit by Darryl George. Simmons was hit by a pitch to get on base.


The out at first.


The Hot Rods also had a runner on in the 3rd. Pat Blair hit a single and stole second and headed to third after a bad throw by the Captains catcher Richard Stock.


The Captains did not do much in the third and had a very productive 4th. inning. The inning started with a single by Brian Ruiz and then was followed by five consecutive hits. scoring 4 runs.


Captains player scoring 1 of the 4 runs in the 3rd inning.


The 6th hit of the inning was by Nellie Rodriguez.


It was a double hit down the third base line.


That rolled into the Hot Rods bullpen and either got stuck under the wall or got mixed in with other baseballs under the bench.


That scored Juan Castillo from 3rd for the first run.


The second run was Frazier from second. this gave the Captains a 4-0 lead in the bottom of the third.


The Hot Rods switched pitchers and brought in Andrew Hanse. He got the next 3 batters out and the Hot Rods out of the inning.


Took a little walk around the stadium in the 4th inning. here is a look from behind home plate.


The Captains starter Mitch brown during the 4th inning, with a runner on first. He walked Alexander Simmons to start the inning.


Looking at the field from center field.


Frazier making a catch for the second out of the inning.


He then tossed it to second to try and get the runner out who strayed a little to far from the bag on the out.


In left field behind the bleacher they had a play area for the kids with a bunch of bouncy house things and a play ground.


Claudio Bautista on second after a Castillo ground out.


He headed to third after a wild pitch.


On a second wild pitch he would score to give the Captains a 5-0 lead.


The ball against the wall after the second wild pitch.


The grounds crew dragged the field between innings, with a little help from Ralphie. Nice to see he is get work these days!


The Captains put in their second pitcher of the game in the 6th inning Andrew Hanse. Starter Mitch Brown went 5 innings giving up 3 hits walking and striking out 4. The hot Rods had opportunities against him, but did not utilize the runners.


The Captains added to their lead in the 6th by adding 2 more runs. The first was on a error by the hot Rods pitcher throwing over to first, scoring Dorrsy Paulino for a 6-0 lead.


The second run was scored on a hit by Bautista.


scoring stock from 3rd on Bautista’s single. 7-0 Captains lead.


The hot Rods got on the board in the 7th. Julian Ridings started it out with a double and scored 2 batters later on a ball hit by Pat Bair.


The ball was hit to second baseman Bautista and the run scored and Elias Torres got to second. 7-1 Captains

IMG_5774 The Hot Rods brought in Josh Kimborowicz to pitch in the 8th inning.


In the 8th the Captains Nellie Rodriguez hit a very Tulo type of homer a solo shot when up by 7 to give the Captains a 8-1 lead.


 Trevor Frank came into pitch for the Captains in the 9th.


James Harris (no relation to Eddie) hit a ball deep to left center and took a turn to third and well…


..probably should not have! He was out at third.


The next 2 batters got out and the Captains won this game 7-1. I wonder if they get tacos if they score 7 or more!


After the game I just wanted to get out of the stadium but I did want to catch some of the fireworks. But first they had a shirt off their backs give away witch they called each play to give it to the winner. That took a while.


If that was not enough they then did the ball toss and had took give out the prizes for that.


Then there was fireworks!


Got creative with the section signs on this one!

I then headed out about halfway through.


Here is a look from outside the stadium.

I got to my truck just in time for the end. I then took the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to Detroit. I will be at the 2 games in the Rockies and Tigers series!!

Had a great day in the Cleveland area with 2 of my 2 favorite things Music and Baseball.

To quote Buck O’Neil “there are 2 things in life Music and Baseball”  or something to that existent don’t have the book to quote it word for word but hopefully you got the meaning behind it!

Well See You in Detroit!