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The Luck of the Irish was with me! Day 4


LA Dodgers Vs. Colorado Rockies

Salt River Fields At Talking Stick

This day like most started early. We headed down to Salt River Fields for some BP. We started on the Diamondbacks side for there Major League Batting Practice. Where I got 3 Bp baseballs 2 rollers and final my first catch of the year, for a total of three. Than Don, Dan and myself headed over to the Minor league fields also on the D’backs side for minor league BP and I got 10 more mostly rollers or pick ups and a few Easter eggs!

So we than headed over to the batting cages because the Rockies did a BP in there instead of on a field. So we just watched from above.

Here’s Todd Helton Challenging hitting Coach Carney Lansford to a fight clearly Todd got the Karate Chop ready and Carney looks read to slide a jab or they are just going over his swing of the bat! I like my version better

Nolan Arenado in the cage. This area of the complex always reminds me of a zoo.

Always remember don’t feed the Players!

Jason Giambi Taken some swings.

Johnny Herrera looks on as Ramon Hernandez. Take a swing.

Jordan Pacheco waits for his turn in the cage and the creative BNW for this post to show off the mad photo Skillz.

Casey Blake loosing up before hitting the cage. He has not been in-game this spring due to an injury.

So after hangin there for a while we headed into the stadium.

This is new guy Marco Scutaro who the Rox got from the Red Sox in the off-season.

He most likely will be at 2nd base. But there is depth at the position with Johnny Herrera and D.J LeMahieu. Who as I was writing this was sent to Minor League camp. But I think we may still see him in Coors soon.

Bench Coach Tom Runnels brings the starting line up to home-plate.

Rockies Jeremy Guthrie throws the first pitch to the Dodgers Dee Gordon

Guthrie faced 4 batters in the inning only giving up a double to Andre Either.

Juan Uribe throws to first to get Marco Scutaro out at 1st. for the second out of the inning.

 Adam Kennedy catches the Uribe throw.

Former Rockie Mark Ellis throwing to first to get Guthrie out in the 4th. The Dodgers scored one in the fourth when Tony Gwynn Jr. hit a single to get Eithier home. (1-0) Dodgers

 the catch from Ellis’ throw.

The Rockie would respond with 2 of their own in the 4th. Guthie’s out scored Chris Nelson and Eric Young Jr. hit scored Andrew Brown (2-1) Rox

Rene Lacheman gives a baseball to a kid the way only Renee can with his spiel.

Andrew Brown shaking Jim Tracy’s hand after hitting a HR in the 6th inning. 3-1 Rox

Willin Rossario legs out a single in the 6th.

Also in the 6th during I believe Rosario’s at bat I caught a foul ball and gave it to Mary O, who is an usher at Salt River Fields and Coors. It was her birthday. Happy Birthday Mary. It was the first game ball I got in a Major League game.

Parker Frazier pitching in the 7th inning.

The Rantics Showing some support for our Home Boy Tom Helmer. Dans 8-year-old daughter took this photo way to go good job.

During the Network not to be named pre game show we were shout to bring back Helmer and we want Helmer.

As you see in this picture I am wearing my St. Patty’s Day green hat. Which this guy stole from me for a few minutes before the game.

The Rockie mischievous mascot Dinger he could not get it on his head so he hung it on his nose.

Than the bee’s came and they evacuated the left center part of the berm.

Here is the mostly cleared berm from right field.

The Dodgers scored a run in the 8th inning the Rockies scored 2. (5-2) Rox

Rockies closer Rafael Betancourt came in for the 9th and got lit up by the Dodgers letting up 4 runs before the end of the inning.

Than in the 9th Tim Wheeler stepped to the plate with 2 outs and the game tied at 6 and launched a 2 run HR to the berm in right field for a Rockies walk off win. (8-6) the final. Right before this homer we were talking about how he is a clutch player and he proved the conversation right.

Once again thanks for checkin out the Rox addict blog.

We stil have about 5 games left at Spring training and I am still a game behind on posting so check back.

From Scottsdale I am the Rox Addict and I will see you around Phoenix.

along day of travel but I made first pitch.


Scranton Yankees Vs. Durham Bulls

Durham, N.C

Goodman Stadium

After a long Day at Yankee Stadium on sunday, I headed to Durham, NC monday morning. After being in the car for 11 hours  I got to my family in Raliegh at 6:15. With a 7:05 start in Durham it was cutting it close. We made it to the Stadium with about 5 minutes to spare I took a few photos outside the stadium and made it inside for the first pitch. Durham Bulls Athletic Park or Goodman Stadium still not sure what the names is, Has a very similar look to Camden Yards and Coors Field. It was designed by the same arcitects company as both Camden Yards and Coors Field  Populous Arcitechs. This Stadium is lalso located in a area that they are re vitalizing. It is in the old tabacco district and is located not far from old Lucky Strike Building, on the leftfield side you can still see the Lucky Strike watertower and smokestack.

When I walked into the Stadium the National Anthem was playing and the players were taking the field.


Here is the first pitch thrown by the Bulls Alex Cobb. You can see the Lucky Strike smokestack in this photo. The Bull in leftfield that smokes and the tail wags when the Bulls hit a HR. The Bull is in leftfield above the leftfield wall named the Blue Monster. The wall is about 305 to left and it is about 30ft. high. Also their is a restraunt above it that is separate from the stadium but a food purchase will get you to be able to view the game. Brandon Guyer slides into second after Dan Johnson hit a long fly that was caught in centerfield. The Game was a very low scoring pitching battle which is very rare in tripple A. Guyers single was the first hit for the Bulls in the 4th inning. One other Bulls batter made it base and that was a walk in the 3rd to J.J. Furmaniak. The Scranton Yankees got a hit in the 1st and 4th both being doubles resulting in no runs.

 During or after the 3rd inning one of the contests they have on field is for a kid to run around the bases faster then the Bulls mascot. This kid lost his shoe rounding first and hung in and ran the rest of the time with only one shoe, Beating Wool E Bully around the bases.

A view of the field after it got dark. You can see the the resturant and other buildins that overlook the stadium.

The Yankees Scored 2 runs in the 6th for the first runs of the game. The Bulls also got 2 runs in the 6th. tieing the score.

After the 7th inning I decided to walk around the stadium to gets some photos.

Wool E Bully drives a go cart around the field after the 7th inning.

Rob Delaney came into pitch for the Bulls in the 7th inning.

A view from behind homeplate.

Here’s a photo R.J Swindel pitching in the 8th. He is the second left handed sidearm pitcher I have seen this week. Guess the side arm pitcher is making a comeback.

Here’s the BNW for the post 2 Durham Bulls players look on as one of their pitches are pitching.

After the game remained a tie after the 9th it was time for extra innings. in the 10th the Yankees would score 2 (4-2) Yankees. Then the Bulls would answer back with one of their own but could not get a second runner around the Yankees won 4-3

 The Yankees celabrating their victory.

It was a realy cool Stadium and a good game. I will be returning to Durham on July 8th.

The next day I headed to Charlotte for a Knights game against the Bulls and it was rained out to be made up on Thursday. Today I will be heading back to Knights Stadium for a day game.

Snowball in the Springs


Las Vegas 51’s Vs. Colorado Sky Sox


        After a overcast day in Denver we still headed down to the Spring despite the weather. Denver and Colorado Springs are like different planets when it comes to weather. Sometimes rain in Denver means warmth and sun shine in Colorado Springs, But not this night the further south we traveled the worse it got but we kept going!


 Traveling over Monument pass their was almost zero visability. We did debate turning around, but since we traveled that far already we decide to see if they were going to get the game in. Like always in the Springs we headed to the field behind the stadium to see if we could find some Easter Eggs. I found 2 real quick. So Gary X and I headed to go into Security Service Field. We then headed by the dugout to get a few autographs. Robert remained out back looking for more balls. He ended up finding 12 or so.

IMG_4906.JPGIan Stewart was reassigned to the Springs last week. Here he is warming up (well as warm as you could get when its in the mid 30’s). He signed a bunch of auto for us and others in the crowd. He seemed to be up beat and was like Ian of 2 years ago at Coors it realy showed in the game as well.

IMG_4909.JPGEric Young Jr. getting some sprints in during warm ups. When asked what he thought about the weather he said he did not like it and this was Football weather not Baseball weather. He also signed a few autos like always EYJ is one of the nicest players, always signing and talks with the fans in the Springs and at Coors. 

IMG_4912.JPG                      Ian Stewart and Cole Garner tossing the ball around.

IMG_4915.JPG Well their were no hosers today but the did put down the stuff that helps keeping the field dry. The grounds crew did a great job of keeping the field in good shape despite the cold weather and snow.

IMG_4920.JPGEric Young Jr. Cole Garner and Chris Nelson chat during warm ups. Note the head gear and turtle necks.
IMG_4924.JPGChris Nelson Heading to the dugout after warm ups. He also stopped for some autographs.


IMG_4926.JPG                                          The Umps heading to the Field 


IMG_4930.JPGHere is one of the photos to show off my mad photo skillz. This one is in color BNW to follow.

     The Starting Line Ups For The Las Vegas 51’s and The Colorado Springs Sky Sox


IMG_4940.JPG              Ian Stewart leads the team out onto the field for the start of the game. 


IMG_4944.JPG                     EYJ, Cole Garner and Charlie Blackmon head to the outfield 


IMG_4955.JPG                 Ian Stewart getting in some throws to 1st baseman Mike Jacobs 


IMG_4969.JPG        Sky Sox Pitcher Josh Mueke Throughs first pitch to Ex. Rockie Scott Podsednik 


                                       Mike Jacobs making the play at first.

 Scott Posednik lead off the game with a ground out. followed by a Brett Lawrie double and a DeWayne Wise single. Eric Thames would then hit in to a double play the hardway going 3,4,3. in English firstbaseman got the ball threw to second and the back to first. Here is a sequence of photos from the play.




                                      That was the end of the top of the 1st.

Eric Young Jr. Leads of the inning with a bunt attempt that went foul down the first baseline. Gary X jokingly yelled he got it and the 51’s 1st baseman picked it up and tossed it to him. that was the first game ball one of us would recieve. Alfredo Amezaga then hit a double. Charlie Blackmon would flyout Josh Fields would walk and Ian Stewart came to the plate, he would crush a homer to left which would score 3 runs. So Robert head out of the stadium to look for the HR ball. he at first did not find the ball but found 2 more practice balls. He would later find out during another trip that a member of the grounds crew grabbed it and then did give it to him. So for those keeping score at home that is the second ball we got from the game. The 51’s would answer back with 1 of their own in there own in the 2nd inning. The Sky Sox did not score in the second and was the only inning besides the 8th that they did not score a run.

IMG_5016.JPG                     Ian Stewart Running the baes after his 1st inning Home Run

IMG_5051.JPG                             The Sky Sox Bullpen as the snow comes down 


                     OK here is the BNW photo to show off my mad photo skillz!

IMG_5079.JPG              Chris Nelson Standing at first after his Fielders choice hit in the 3nd inning. 


                Before the game one of the Sky Sox promotional staff approached Gary X and I about doing one of the contests before the game. I said I did not want to but that was all Gary X. So during the 3rd inning Gary headed down to the field. The game was to identify of a blurry photo of a famous person.
IMG_5093.JPG                                                 So who do you think it is?



            So Gary X did get it correct and he won 2 tickets to a future Sky Sox game.


IMG_5100.JPG                                     The photo was of President Barack Obama.


IMG_5108.JPG             Ian Stewart reaching for 1st base after he hits a single in the 3rd inning.

       Took a lot of close ups of first base just because, we were so close to the field.

The Sky Sox would score 2 times in the 3rd on a Josh Fields HR and you guest it Robert headed out and got that ball. That was His second HR and the third for the group for the night.

The Sky Sox would then score 1 in the 4th. 5 in the 5th. with the home run parade countinuing with Charlie Blackmon’s first homer of the game making the score 11-1 just incase you lost count!!!!! Yes Robert got that ball also. # 3 for him 4 for the group. Later on a trip to the bathroom Gary X got a foul ball that was hit to the section he was walking past. #5 for the group 2 for him.


IMG_5121.JPG                     Charlie Blackmon catches a fly ball in the 4th inning. 

     The Sky Sox hit fest countinued with 4 more runs in the 6th. 2 in the 7th. The 51’s also score a run in the 6th and their 3rd run in the 8th. In the 8th inning a 51’s player hit a pop up to the first baseside I was ready to catch it drifted back towards the field and Mike Jacobs bounced it off his glove and into the stands which i picked it up that was my first game ball ever in a Minor or Major League game. That brings the group total to 6. Robert would chase another home run but was confronted by a toddler who kick him in the shin and ran off with the ball. (Thats my story and I am sticking with it). So he did not get it. Sky Sox 1st base caosch Rene Lacheman also tossed up a ball to Gary X. So between the 3 of us we got 7 gameballs. and about 15 easter eggs from the field behind the stadium!


               Earlier in the game i got this next sequence it is kind of funny.



The 51’s 3rd baseman making a throw to first. 


to the Right: Then the first baseman David Cooper relizing it is going over his head.





Me relizing it is coming at me!!! The ball ended up hitting the wall about 3 or 4 inches from the top.



  In the game the game the Sky Sox had at least 5 batters to the plate in every inning but the 8th. Charlie Blackmon would hit 2 home runs. Josh Fields was just a triple shy of the cycle and Ian Stewart was a double away from the cycle going 4 for 4 with 2 walks. Chris Nelson also fell a double short of the cycle. Catcher Jordan Pacheco would go 5 for 5. In all the Sky Sox had 24 hits 17 runs. The 51’s would hit 13 and score 2. This game despite the weather was alot of fun.



                                                        The Final Scoreboard



                                Jordan Pacheco signing autographs after the game.



The Next Rantics Field trip to the Springs will be next Tuesday. Till then the Rockies will be home for a 3 game series against the Pirates this weekend See Ya at Coors.

The Sox got there Aces kicked by Reno


Colorado Spring

Reno Aces (Arizona Diamondbacks Triple A team) Vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox (Rockies Triple A team)


       With the Rockies on their east coast road trip it was time for a baseball fix. It was time for a Rantics field trip to the Rockies Minor League affiliate Colorado Sky Sox. As every Tuesday home game it was $2.00 Tuesday. Robert and Gary X took the trip to the Springs with me. We arrived at Security Service Field about an hour and a half before the start of the game. So like always we headed to the out behind the outfield to try to find Easter Eggs(Baseball randomly waiting to be found). Sometime they are found in plainsite other under bushes, in high grass, or even in the stream that runs behind the stadium and even once in a tree which Robert proved last year. Robert got 4 as did Gary and I got 2. Not a bad take on a minor league game.




                                   Gary X with his take from the Easter Egg hunt!!!!

Then it was time for the Players to come out to the field. So we got a few autosgraphs from Players Eric Young Jr. Signed a bunch of cards for X. I started my Sky Sox Team ball with getting Cole Gardner, Jeff Salazar, Chris Nelson and Manager Stu Coles.  



                                Sky Sox Manager Stu Coles signing autographs


IMG_3399 (2).JPG                    John Maine warming up in the Bullpen with Catcher Jordan Pacheco


                                    Now it was time to play ball !!

Here are the starting line ups.

IMG_3381.JPGIMG_3379.JPG <Reno Aces








                          Sky Sox >






                                              The Sky Sox take the field



                    John Maine Throwing the first pitch to the Aces Colin Cowgill



 Gary X laughing at Robert who got exiled to across the isle to drink his beer because our seats were in the Family Section. The next section over wasn’t a family section. So he had to move all the way to the other side of the Isle. This is also my creative BNW for this post to show off my mad photo skillz. Not realy but it made it more fun!!!!!


                                       Sox the Fox mascote of the Sky Sox.


    After the Sky Sox 9-2 loss on Monday night the were looking for a little redemption. That did not last long with Reno taking a 3-0 lead in the second  inning. They responded with a single run on a Mike Jacobs solo Homerun in the bottom of the 2nd. The game did not look that bad or out of reach for the Sox to comeback. The Aces then added 2 more Runs in the 3rd and 4th. making it  7-1 Aces.



                         Sky Sox Chris Nelson at bat in the 3rd inning.



          A look at Service Security Field During Willie Mo Pena’s at bat in the 7th inning.

Reno scored an additional 4 runs in the 7th. Putting the game well out of reach for the Sky Sox. They did put runners on in the 8th and 9th inning with none resulting in any runs.

IMG_3505.JPG                        Jordan Pacheco getting a hit in the 8th inning.


Stu Coles as 3rd base coach as Cole Gardner rounds second heading for third in the 9th inning. It look promising that the Sky Sox would get a few runs but it did not happen and the final score was 11-1 Reno . It is common in the Minor Leagues for the Manager to Coach 3rd base.

 After the game we headed down to the Aces dugout because I wanted to get a few cards signed and knew after a bad loss the Sky Sox would run off the field quickly.


          Here is Renos Centerfielder Willie Mo Pena signing a card. Willie Mo was in the majors since 2002 and has played for the Reds, Red Sox, Nationals, Mets and Padres.


Brett Butler Manager of the Reno Aces and former S.F. Giant he played on the 19989 World Series Team and has also wrote a book called “Field of Hope”.


The Next field trip to the Springs will be on April 26, when the Rockies are going to be in Chicago. That night the Sky Sox will be taking on the Las Vegas 51’s

til then see Ya at Coors this home stand when the Rockies take on the Cubs and Giants




 Out Take photos:


Sky Sox and local Little Leaguers during the National Anthem







               Security Service Field from behind Home Plate











Sky Sox 2nd baseman Matt Macri Catches a pop fly in the 8th inning.




Rainy Day in the Desert.

I started the day off at Maryvalle Ballpark. It was a game between the Brewers and the Texas Rangers. Maryvalle ballpark is home of the Milwaukee Brewers.This day the Rockies were scheduled to play the Giants at Scottsdale Stadium, but we chose to head to Maryvalle Ball Park it was Hank Aaron Bobble head day. So we got to the stadium early and the weather was overcast.


So we headed over to the Minor League Fields. The Brewers Triple A and double A teams were playing against the Reds Minor League Teams. So as we were watching players warming up. We noticed a large amount of the Japanese Press standing around waiting for someone, then a cart pulled up with this player.



He is Takashi Saito he is a pitcher for the Brewers. Takashi played 13 years in Japan before coming to the USA in 2005. He has played for the Red Sox, Braves  and now the Brewers.


    Minor League Catcher reaches for a ball outside during warm ups in the bullpen.


                                                     Players Heading to the field

A look into the Reds Dugout. Most of these players are from their Minor league team in Louisville Bats. Also their Double a Team The Carolina Mudcats Located outside of Raliegh,N.C.




                     Here is the BNW to show off my mad photo skillz. Bat end in fence.



                          Player operating radar gun behind home plate.


Takashi Saito Pitching in the 4th inning of the game for the Brewers. The Brewers Minor League affiliates are the Triple A Nashville Sound and Double A Huntsville Stars. At this time there are to games going on adjacent fields. After this I headed over to the neighboring field for a few photos.


                             Runner tries to stop between 2nd and 3rd base.


 This is the runner rounding third as the ball was hit to the outfield on the next pitch. So after about an hour watching ball on the back fields it was time to head over to get in line for the Major League game.



              Nothing screams Brewers baseball like empty cases of Miller Beer.




                                Another BNW to Show …. Ahhhh nevermind!!!!!



                        Handing out the Hank Aaron Bobble Heads inside the gates.




A look from Right field of Maryvalle Stadium. When we got into the stadium the Brewers were taking batting practice so the game was looking very promising. So there was only about 5 min. of batting practice before they wrapped it up and only one ball was hit to the berm and who got it but………



                       Robert the ball that pretty much landed at his feet on the berm. I thought I had a better chance at catching some baseballs this day since he forgot his glove and I had mine well that did not matter. Now I know the ball magnet is not in his glove!!!



Well after about an hour of rain the game was called off. It was cool talking to a few Rockies fans that were at this game also.  So the tix for this game will be good for any Spring Training game for the next 2 years so I got a ticket for a future game. After this game we were suppose to head to Peoria for a Mariners game but figured it would also be rained out. So we figured we would head over to Salt River Fields to see of anything was going on there. We knew their was a game that night but wasn’t sure if it was going to be played. After we figured that the game was going to be played we headed into the Stadium for the game between the Diamondbacks and Dodgers.


                          A look at the sunset at SRF Before the game.




                            LA Dodgers outfielder Andre Either signing autographs.


               D’Backs Pitcher Ian Kennedy throws first pitch to Dodgers SS Gordon.




                                   Another look at Ian Kennedy throwing a pitch.




                    Andre Either in the on deck circle before his at bat in the 1st. inning


After the first inning I took notice of a very familiar man sitting 10 rows in front of me. So I asked the usher if that is……


                ….and she answered yes that is Tommy Lasorda.



                Dodgers SS makes play at second on D’Backs player Stephen Drew.



So after the third inning we were allowed to go down for autographs. This is Tommy Lasorda signing an autograph for Robert. Then he signed a ball for me as well.

                         After about another half inning or so he left.


           The next photo I really like it is of The Dodger SS making a play in the 2nd inning.


       The play ended up being an era as he hit the ground before the throw was made to first.

                         Clayton Kershaw pitching with runner on 2nd.



   Chris Young crosses plate for the D’backs 1st run of the game of a Miranda 1B.



            Ex Rockies Utility man Melvin Mora at bat in the 4th inning.


                              Andre Ether at bat in the 6th inning.

                                           This is him being thrown out at first base.



              Kids sliding down the wet grass of the berm.




The final score of the game was the Diamond backs 3 LA Dodgers 0. It was a fun game to watch. It was a fun game to watch not really caring who won or lost and best of all and an event that made the trip well worth it I MET TOMMY LASORDA!!!!!



      Watering the back fields after the D’backs game on the Rockies side of the complex. 



Once again thanks for checking out the post. Even though I am home there are still post from spring training I will be posting, Still another game and the Diamondbacks side of Salt River Fields. before the Rockies Home Opener on April first and the Public practice at Coors Field on March 31. Have a great Spring training story email me @ Rox_addict@yahoo.com. This is for a future post featuring the readers of the Addict. If you have an opinion on The New Complex   let me know what it is would love to hear from you guys.  

Part 2 of MY 2010 Road Trip What a Rocky Road it was.


               This is the 2nd part of my 2010 Road trip it starts at the second game I attended at Citi Field in NY on August 11, 2010 to a Game I attended in Indianapolis on August 16, 2010.


While I was getting ready to head to the train station to the stadium my phone rang  and it was Zack Hample. My friend Robert from Coors Field told him I was going to be in town and we should meet up. Zack said he would meet up with me before the game. Zack only stuck around for BP. This was a few days before his most recent books deadline. Zack has his own blog The Baseball Collector. Heres a link http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/. It was realy cool meeting him and the rest of the Citi Field Ball Snagging crew. Here a photo of the group of us outside Citi Field. An below that a photo of Zack in Left Field Seats.


Photo and text courtesy of Zack. In the photo above, you’re looking at:

1) Greg Barasch, who recently joined the 1,000-ball club.

2) Gary, who has some pretty impressive stats of his own.

3) Brian (aka “puck collector”) who’s not too far behind Gary.

4) Zack!

5) Mateo, my Watch With Zack client from 7/27/10 at Citi Field.

6) Mike from Denver. I had just met him through a mutual friend: Robert Harmon of 762 fame.

7) Brian’s father Wayne (aka “father puck”) who’s holding up his copy of the new Sports Illustrated article about Zack.



Mets pitches warming up along the 3rd base line during BP. A few minutes after this photo was taken. I caught a ball that was fouled off and bounce on the warning track and into the stands. IMG_5706.JPG
A look at the 2 LED scoreboards they have at Citi Field.

A view of Citi  Field during warm ups before the game.IMG_5719.JPG
The starting line ups for The Aug. 11th game between The Rockies and Mets.IMG_5724.JPG
Both Pitches heading to the dugout after pre game warm ups in the bullpen. Starting Pitchers were Jeff Francis for the Rox and Jonathan Niese for the Mets.IMG_5734.JPG
                        Jonathan Niese throws 1st pitch to Dexter Fowler.IMG_5739.JPG
                           Jeff Francis throws his first pitch to Mets Short Stop Jose Reyes.IMG_5762.JPG
                Mr. Met visits the upper deck and trows out a few tee shirts to the fans.IMG_5769.JPG
                                       A photo of Citi Field during the 4th inning.

                                      Jeff Francis Pitching in the 4th inning.
The Mets 2 runs were scored in the first inning by an Angel Pagan 2 Run HR. The Rockies 1st Run was score by a Chris Iannetta Sac Fly to center scoring Tulo in the 7th at that point it was 2-1 Mets.


Melvin Mora rounds 3rd after hitting a 8th inning Grand Slam Home Run, Scoring Helton, Tulo and Cargo.

Tulo Crosses the plate for the 3rd run from Mora’s HR.

                                 Cargo high fives Melvin Mora after his trot around the bases.

                                                Making the score 5-2 RockiesIMG_5815.JPG
                 Dexter Fowler make final out hit by NY Mets Centerfielder Carlos Beltran.IMG_5834.JPG
The scoreboard at the end of the game. The Rockies Win 6-2.After the Mora Home Run Clint Barmes single scored Brad Hawpe. Bringing the score to the 6-2 final.

Rockies celabrate their 6-2 win over the Mets.
The Rockies winning did make the train ride back to the Island a lot easier. Everybody on the trains were very cool and realy intrested about Colorado and the Rockies. A few even said how “The Rockies have a very good team and the Mets need some work”. Not my Words that was from a Mets fan on the train. Had a lot of fun and good conversations on baseball.

                                                    August 12, 2010

That day a very unusual thing occured. Do to a late start from LI and NY traffic we got to the game in the 2nd inning the Rockies were already down 2 runs when we got there. IMG_5846.JPG

Above is Jason Hammel Pitching in the 3rd inning.


This is a view from My seat on the left field side of the stadium. Thanks to Mike M for the great tickets that also included acces to many of the clubs in Citi Field which is where we spent most of the game. It was realy cool to see things I normaly do not see at stadiums. especially with such uneventful game for the Rockies. 

This was the day after Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez was arrested outside the Mets clubhouse for punchinhg his father in law. Here is a fan showing support for him.IMG_5853.JPG
A view of the Jackie Robinson Pavillion from the inside of Citi Field.

The scoreboard at the end of the game the Mets Won 4-0. That evened the 6 games the 2 teams played this year to 3-3. It made the Rockies 3-4 on this road trip and 1-3 with me in attendance. Some would say it was a rocky road trip.

Signs outside CitiField. IMG_5879.JPG

                                   August 16, 2010 Victory Field Indianapolis, Indiana

                         Home of the Indanapolis Indians. They Played the Rochester Chiefs

                               The Indians are the triple a affiliate of the Pittsburgh pirates.


                Another one for the Ranter. Can’t be a baseball game with out the hosers.IMG_5893.JPG
A view of the Stadium from the birm in right field.

IMG_5897.JPG  A sign hanging over the concourse.

IMG_5909.JPGThe centerfield wall celebrating the Indians being at Victory Field 15 years.

 IMG_5923.JPG                                           Indians Mascot Rowdy.

IMG_5955.JPGA view from my seat on the 3rd baseline in the 5th inning. Thanks Chris for the tickets.

 The scoreboard at the end of the game was not a good one for the Indians losing to the Chiefs 11-4. This game was definatly not a pitching battle.

Here is a view of Victory Field after the game outside the center field gates.

After all the games I was going to attend were done I had one more piece of baseball history to check out. It is an old abandon stadium on the outskirts of Indianapolis. This stadium was the old home of the Indianapolis Indians. Bush Stadium was built in 1931 by the Indians owner Norm Perry and was called Perry Stadium During WWII it was renamed Victory Field. After the stadium was sold to the City of Indianapolis it was renamed after a MLB baseball player Donnie Bush. It remaned Bush Stadium till the Indians moved to there new stadium in Downtown Indianapolis Victory Field.

Some of the masonary work on the front of Bush Stadium.

Outside wall of the stadiums 1st baseline.Covered in Ivy. Bush stadium. In 1987 the field was also used in the movie eight men out. Where it was used to depict Cominsky Park and Crosley Field.

The back of the center field wall and old scoreboard.

My first look of the field after a peek through a gate that was in left field. To my suprise there were hundreds of cars parked on what once was a baseball field.

                          The old will call ticket window a reminder of what once was.

First look over the wall to see the field and stands. In 1984 the field was used for the Pan American games which where held in Indianapolis.IMG_6045.JPG
After almost 60 years of being home of the Indianapolis Indians it was turned into a dirt race track for midget race cars. An was renamed the 16th street speedway.

Bush stadium is now being rented by Pick a Part from the City of Indianapolis. Thats why there are cars all over what was the field. Bush Stadium is on the list of Historical places.An is why it is still in existence today.


Both these photos are a look from behind the leftfield wall an the leftfield stands.IMG_6055.JPG
This is a view of the stands and homeplate area photographed while standing on the roof of my truck over looking the left field wall. Before someone from pick a part approached me to see what I was doing. then I left.


All facts and dates about Bush Stadium courtesy of wikipedia.

After checking out Bush Stadium I headed to Downtown Indy for a little urban hiking. Her are a few places I past by on my hike.

 Lucas Oil Stadium Home of the Indianapolis Colts. I think they use this as a airplane hanger in the off season realy intresting looking building.

This is the NCAA National Headquaters located just outside of downtown Indianapolis.

This was the sunset while I was driving back to Denver somewhere in central Kansas.

Normaly I am not a fan of driving through Kansas But This sunset on my way home was a incredible end to my trip.

  This was a great trip. I drove over 4000 miles in the 2 weeks I was gone. I visited 2 MLB Ball Parks. 3 Minor League Parks and caught 3 BP Baseball. Got to meet many players in both the Majors and Minor Leagues. I would like to Thank My Family and friends across the country that let me stay at there homes and/or got me tickets to games.


Thanks to Viviene for letting me stay at your house both going to NY and heading back to Denver. Chris for getting me tix to the Indians game, Mike M in NY for tix to the 8/12 game, Rich Woodworth for getting me tix for the 8/10 game. The whole Gioia family for letting me stay at there house and for dealing with my crazy schedule while I was in NY. Everybody that headed to Millers Ale House to meet up with me even know I did not make it there. Catcha next time.


My Next Cross Country adventure is in the planning stage and will take place at the end of June when the Rockies Head to The New Yankee Stadium. Thats unless the plans get postponed due to a new endeavors in life that may be taking place in the next few months. More info to follow.

                           To All the Rockies Fans Keep Believing. I know I will.