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Things are Hopping with the Hoppers in Greensboro.

Newbridge Bank Park
Greensboro, N.C.

Hickory Crawdads vs. Greensboro Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers are a Single a affiliate of the Miami Marlins

The Crawdads are a single A affiliate of the Texas Rangers

The League they are in, is the South Atlantic League

Hoppers entered the game 63-36

Crawdads entered the game 57-41

Both teams are in the southern division and the Grasshoppers are in first place and the Crawdads are in third 6.5 games behind the Grasshoppers. The Hagerstown Suns are the second place team 1 game behind the Grasshoppers. The Ashville Tourist are also in the south Atlantic League, but they are in the Northern Division and are in first place in their division.

Due to a slow start and a long line at the ticket window I missed the top of the 1st. inning.

I will start this post in the bottom of the first because well the Crawdads went down in order in the top of the 1st.


Here is a look at the starting line ups for both teams.


Slightly after I started watching the game the Grasshoppers scored 3 runs on a Home run by Felix Munoz.


The starting pitcher for the Crawdads was Akeem Bostick.


Nomar Mazar started the 2nd inning with a hit to second that got past the Grasshoppers second baseman Brian Anderson.


The starter for the Grasshoppers was Jose Adams. The only run he would give up was later in the 2nd inning when Evan Van Hoosier hit a single that scored Mazara. The Grasshoppers  had a 3-1 lead in the top of the second.


Rehiner Cordova making contact during his 2nd inning at bat he flew out to left field for the second out of the inning.


A look at Newbridge Ball Park from behind home plate between innings.


Mazara getting held up between second and third in the 6th inning, it was the second out of the inning.

The Grasshoppers did get another run in the 5th inning, a solo home run by J.T. Riddle.  4-1 Grasshoppers.


The Crawdads took Akeem Bostick out after 5 innings and Jose Monegro came in and pitched the 6th. In Bosticks 5 innings he gave up 4 runs on 5 hits walked 1 and struck out 2. Monegro gave up a hit in the 6th and faced 4 Grasshoppers batters.


The Grasshoppers also had a pitching change in the 6th. After giving up 3 hits in the inning the took out their starter Jose Adam and replaced him with Esmerling De La Rosa, who struck out the firs batter he faced Ronald Guzman to end the inning he continued pitching through the 8th inning.


Travis Demeritte got on base after being hit by a pitch and was throw out trying to steal second for the second out of the inning. In the bottom of the 7th the Grasshoppers scored 2 more runs to extend their lead to 6-1.  The 2 runs came on a Austin Dean single scoring Rehiner  Cordova and Yefri Perez.


The Grasshoppers ended up winning the game 6-1. Here are the outfielders celebrating the  win.  The Grasshoppers are now 64-36 on the year.

Once again there were fireworks after the game so I am 4 for on events that had fireworks after the game.


This was also the 4th time I have been to Greensboro and the 4th time I have seen fireworks there.

So that is it for this one got a day or 2 without a game before I head back to Raleigh to finally catch the Carolina Mudcats and Possible a another game at the Durham Bulls. after that there will be a few days off till I head to Charlotte to check out the Knights new Stadium in downtown Charlotte.

See you around.




Red, White and Blueclaws in Greensboro.


Lakewood Blueclaws vs. Greensboro Grasshoppers

The Blueclaws are the low A affiliate of the Phillies and the Grasshoppers are with the Marlins.

This is my 6 game of the road trip.

Going to Greensboro has developed into a tradition for me this is the 3rd year in a row I have been there for the 4th of July game. My cousin lives here so it became a family event going with him his wife and son. After going to the Danville the night before and had the game rained out and then having to go back to Raleigh because I forgot my laundry there I drove to Greensboro earlier on the day of the 4th. It is about an hour and a half drive from Raleigh to Greensboro.

As I said the day before I drove to Danville the day before here are a few photos from that adventure.


When I got to Danville I had trouble finding the stadium so I checked out there website from my phone and found out that the game had been rained out. After about 2 hours in the truck I decided that I was just going to go and check out the stadium anyway. So I arrived and they had these signs posted on the Ticket windows, 2 guys from Team were at the gate and where telling people also. So when they told me, I mentioned I did know it was rained out but since I made the drive I was going to just check out the outside of the stadium and they allowed me to go into the stadium and take photos.


This is a photo from behind home plate with the pitcher’s mound and Home plate tarp still on the field. They did remove the infield tarp around 4 O’clock and that is when they determined that the field was not to good and they would call the game. I actually did check their web-site when I was still in Raleigh at 4:y and it was not announced yet! They said they announced it at about 4 P.M. I found out about 6:30 when I was looking for directions.


As many of these smaller stadiums this one also had a simple grandstands and bleachers. This stadium holds Just under 2600 people.


This is what the infield looked like after they tried getting the field ready for the game. Definitely not game ready. The funny part of this was that about 45 minutes before I arrived at the stadium it was the first time I had seen sun in almost 3 days it rained all the way from N.Y. to Raleigh with some exception but not much.

After Danville I had to return back to Raleigh and I headed for Greensboro the next day.

The first thing I needed to do when I arrived in Greensboro was to get tickets for the game. They stopped selling them online and we headed for the stadium. When we arrived they only had standing room only and well I don’t sit much during baseball games to begin with.


We arrived about 45 minutes before game time and I noticed these gates. I am not sure if they are new or I just never noticed that its bars are shaped like baseball bats.


About a 1/2 hour before the gates opened they pulled the tarp on the field this happened 2 years ago and we than had an hour rain delay. They thought a rain cell may come through but about 20 minutes later they removed it with no rain and it was time to start the game.


The Grasshoppers pitcher Ramon Del Orbe throwing the first pitch to the Blueclaws Brian Pointer. Pointer would pop out to short and the next batter Angelo Mora struck out but was called out at first after the Grasshoppers catcher dropped the ball.


With a runner on the Blueclaws Art Charles hit a double to no man’s land down the left field line. Scoring William Carmona for an early Blueclaw lead.



Carmona turning at third before scoring on Charles double. (1-0) Blueclaws


The Blueclaws pitcher Shame Watson he faced 4 Grasshoppers in the inning and walked Matt Juengel who was the only Grasshoppers runner in the inning.


Yordy Cabrera led off the 2nd inning for the Grasshoppers with a double to left field.


Blueclaws Left Fielder Larry Greene Jr. fielding the Cabrera double.


Cabrera sliding into second base. He would advance to third but remained on base at the end of the inning.


Gustavo Gonzalez started the Top of the third with a Home Run.


The Grasshoppers left fielder Blake Barber jumps for the ball with no success.


Art Charles ended the 3rd for the Blueclaws with a line out double play to second.


 Rehiner Cordova made the catch and quickly threw to first to get William Carmona out at 1st.


Anthony Gomez tied the game at 2 in the 3rd with a 2 run home run scoring Yefri Perez who walked to get on base.


Chace Numata puts down a sac-bunt in the 4th inning putting runners on second and third.


Here he is getting out at first.

The next few innings I did not take many photos and just enjoyed being at the ballpark with my family than I had a guest photographer take a few photos in the 8th inning. These were taken by my cousin’s almost 4-year-old son.


First he wanted to take a photo of the red guy over there. So this is the photo of the red guy was the Blueclaws first baseman Art Charles.


Than he wanted a photo of the guy in white. Which was the Grasshoppers pitcher Chipper Smith who came into the game for the Grasshoppers in the 6th inning. Del Orb pitched well keeping runs from scoring after getting on base. He let up 8 hits 1 being a home run but only 2 runs walking 1 and striking out 5 in 5 innings of work.

So photos were not too bad for a 3-year-old see I knew anybody could do this.


Now my photo of Chipper Smith pitching in the 8th inning.


The third pitcher of the night for the Blueclaws Chris Burgess Who came into the game in the 8th inning.


After Cody Keefer walked, Blake Barber ended the game with a 2 run walk off home run.


The Grasshoppers run from the dugout to celebrate their walk off victory.


Barber Heading for home.


Blake Barber gets greeted by his teammates at home.


After the game if the 2 home runs for the Grasshoppers for their 4 runs wasn’t enough there was post game fireworks.

The Final score was 4-2




There were was a local Colorado player on the Blueclaws Kevin Walter who was from Westminster. He was a 20th round draft pick in 2010.

So that was it for this 4th of July in Greensboro. Once again playing catch-up got a few more games left on this trip. Next up is a few Rookie League games from Tennessee.

Til than see you around.

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The Crawdads start off slow and steal the Grasshoppers show.


Hickory Crawdads Vs. Greensboro Grasshoppers.

The Crawdads are the Low A Affiliate of the Texas Rangers and The Grass Hoppers are the Low A affiliate of the Miami Marlins.  This is the second Marlins affiliate I have seen on this trip. This is the 8th game of the road trip. 8th Minor League game of the year.  My 44th game of the year.

NewBridge Bank Park, Greensboro, N.C.

For the 2nd year in a row I was there for their 4th of July fireworks, last year I saw the Kannapolis Intimidators play the Grasshoppers. http://roxaddict.mlblogs.com/2011/07/07/the-grasshoppers-get-crushed-like-a-bug-on-a-windshield-by-the-intimiadators/ This has almost became a tradition for my family that lives in Greensboro. The ballpark is nice has some history about baseball in Greensboro and Local flare. Baseball in Greensboro has been around since the early 1900’s the current incarnation of Greensboro baseball started in 1980. The Teams name was the Hornets it then was changed to the Bats and is currently as you know the Grasshoppers.

For this game I did not get to the stadium overly early and we got to the stadium about a half hour before the first pitch. As we entered I noticed the big landing X for sky divers and the Jump planes circling, so as we walked around the gift shop I kept an eye on the field to see if the festivities started. I think skydivers landing is really cool. I also think blinking lights are great too but that is for another day.

This is a photo of one of the guys coming in over the stadium.

A close up of the sky diver who flew over during the National Anthem  with the flag.

Josh Hodges throws the first pitch to the Crawdads Rougned Odor. Which the Grassboro staff had some fun with on the video board.

Odor would pop out to the Grasshoppers second baseman. That Just stinks for the Crawdads. The Crawdads would see some base runners Hodges walked a batter and hit another with a pitch he had slight control issues in the first.

Guilford was all patriotic for the game!!!

The Grasshoppers got  things started early their lead off batter Ryan Goetz hit a single and stole 2nd. With 2 outs Ryan Rieger hit a Home Run for a quick 2-0 Grass Hoppers lead. Josh Hodge would find his stuff in the second and sit the Crawdads down in order!

The Grasshoppers got 3 More in the second with the lead off man reaching on and error the second batter also being hit. and a Wilfredo Gimenez scoring 2 on a double. (4-0) Grasshoppers. Gimenez would then score on a wild pitch. As seen in the above photo.(5-0) Grasshopper

The Crawdads go on the board in the third. Drew Robinson hit a 2 run home run. (5-2) Grasshoppers.

As always at NewBridge Bank Park has the Labs Master Yogi Berra and Miss Babe Ruth. The owner has something to do with lab breeding or a lab rescue forgot which but they are used threw out the game for promos and as the bat dog.

The Crawdads tied it up in the 4th with a swing of the bat, when Jhonny Gomez hit a 3 run home run. (5-5)

Which was another name the Grasshoppers staff had fun with.

The Grasshoppers Hodge lasted 4 2/3 innings and Chris Schafer came in to pitch the next few innings. After I decided to get out of my seat to get some photos because the netting down the whole side of the field was driving me and my cameras crazy. I saw this guy in his seat. Another Rockies fan.

one of the promos between innings was the build a sandwich contest. which one person was the bread and then the other had to stack stuff on top of them to make the sandwich. The second person was the top piece of bread. I have seen this contest in different stadiums with different formats.

The Crawdads scored 2 more in the fifth to take a (7-5) Lead. this was like being at a Rockies game they go up by a bunch early than loose the lead. Try to fight back and come up short. The Grasshoppers did get an additional run in the fifth aswell.

 Josh Adams takes a huge swing in the sixth to strike out. For the first out of the inning.

Gimenez hits one to get on base on a bad throw to first from the pitcher.

The ball already past the first baseman as Gimenez reaches first.

So here is another race that does not include dental products it is the Neese’s Sausage race. Not Creepy, but a little silly.

John Shultz hitting one to for a single in the 7th and would be the Grasshoppers only batter of the inning.

Aaron Senne sends one to right field….

Which was caught by the Crawdads right fielder.

Ryan Rieger would strike out to end the inning.

Adam Conley pitched for the Grasshoppers in the eighth. It is always crazy seeing a side arm pitcher pitch. I have been seeing a bunch in the last 2 years in Minor League but not many in the Majors yet.

The Crawdads Jordan Akins try to leg one out in the eight.

A Crawdad pitching change in the eighth Phil Klein came into pitch.

Another one gets by the Crawdads first baseman in the ninth.

 Yeison Hernandez dives back to first. The Last 2 Grasshoppers batters struck out and that was the game 7-6 Crawdads.

 After the game there was fireworks before the Dogs came out and ran the bases and ran around the field.

Then there was the fireworks.

That is it for this visit to Greensboro. Got a bunch of games coming up and with a slight schedule change i may be able to get a few more stadium in along the way. The next few days I will be in Hickory for a game or 2 and Burlington for a game or 2. I am revamping my schedule a little but it may benefit getting in more games.