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The Rockies sweep the Pirates!


Pirates vs. Rockies

Game 3

Today was another early start for a 2:10 game I arrived at Coors about 9:30, I was not gonna go early since I did not have to because it was not a bobble head day, but since I started the Pirates photo I wanted to see if I could get a few more guys on it. So I waited by the players entrance and got A.J. Burnett and Jared Hughs so for the 3 days I got 9 autographs on it in all. Not bad for an away team. It was an Autograph Sunday and since there was a few guys up that I needed on my team 16×20 I brought it and I was kind of lucky since 2 of the 3 guys I needed that are up signed. I needed both Jeff  Manship and Charlie Culbertson. The 2 other signers were Jonny Herrera and Josh Outman. So I have a total of 49 autographs on my team 16×20 almost everybody who wore a Rockies uniform for at least a game. Still missing 4 Mitchell Boggs who is in the Springs and Colin McHugh also in the Springs, Roy Oswalt who is on the D.L. and Chad Bettis who is with the team.


Chad Bettis made the start for the Rockies this game. He had a strong 1st inning facing 3 batters striking out 2 Alex Presley who lead off and Andrew McCutchen.


Jeff Locke started for the Pirates he did allow a base runner when he walked Troy Tulowitzki with 2 outs. He did get the next batter out Wilin Rosario.


Wilin Rosario hitting into a ground out in the 1st. inning.


Chad pitching in the Second inning Pedro Alverez started the inning with a home run to put the Pirates up 1-0.

The Rockies would score a run in the 2nd inning when Charlie Blackman got hit by a pitch. He than stole second and was moved to third on a balk. After Dexter Fowler walked D.J. LeMahieu hit to center for a sac fly and Blackmon scored to tie the game at 1. Tulo ended the inning with a fly ball to left. The Pirates once again to the lead in the 3rd. inning After Clint Barmes hit a lead-off double. He scored on a McCuthchen single (2-1) Pirates

Tulo showed his best Jazz hands during his 4th inning at bat! He walked this at bat.


Charlie Blackmon gets back to first after his 5th inning single. Not much happened in the fifth. The Rockies did get a few base runners but failed to score, Blackmon did get to third.


Jeff Locke was removed from the game in the 6th inning.  Yorvit Torrealba was on second and Charlie Blackmon on first with 2 outs. Tony Watson came into pitch, Corey Dickerson reached on an error and Torrealba scored. (2-2)


Torrealba scoring the Rockies tying run.


Wilin Rosario hitting a single in the 7th inning with 2 outs.


Rosario scored on a Nolan Arenado double his 20th of the season. Not bad since being called up in late April! along with his 9 home runs, 3 triples and 40 RBI’s. The Rox took a 3-2 lead.


Andrew McCutchen striking out in his 8th inning at bat.


Matt Belisle pitching in the 8th inning for the Rockies. Bettis pitched a complete 6 inning allowing the 2 runs on 4 hits and Striking out 3 and walking 2. Corpas pitched the 7th and Belisle in the 8th.


Todd Helton came into pinch hit in the 8th inning for the Rockies. Unfortunately hit into an inning ending double play.

IMG_3262Yorvit was out at second on the Helton double play.


Rex brothers came in for the save and made the game interesting again. He gave up a single to Neil Walker start the inning.


After striking out Russell Martin who pinch hit in the inning for Garrett Jones, Tony Sanchez hit a double Martin went to 3rd. Starling Marte came into pinch run for Sanchez.


(The Brooms started coming out after the first out a little early for my liking)

Jordy Mercer would line out for the second out and Gabby Sanchez was intentionally walked to load the base’s when he pinch hit in the pitchers spot.


Alex Presley would pop out to Arenado at third to end the game and the Rockies got the 3 game sweep o the Pirates it in the first time they swept a first place team since 2010.


It was a great series with three really great games. Things really seemed to change in this home stand.


The Rockies celebrate the sweep of the Pirates.

The Pirates are a strong team and defiantly be my team to root for if they make the play off a bunch of really good guys and they are the Rockies central, so it would be great to see the Clints Hurdle and Barmes do well again.

The Rockies are Currently playing a series with the Padres which I will be getting to all 3 this week.

Well That is it for this game and well see you at Coors.

Hurdle gets tossed in the second Pirates loss!

Pirates vs. Rockies

Game 2


Today was interesting in batting practice with in about 30 seconds of getting to the pavilions I had a shot at 2 baseballs one fell short into the first row and the second was to my right and I ran down the Isle and over ran the ball and it skimmed of the top of my head not really not hitting me it just took off my hat! I did get that ball. During the Pirates batting Practice I came close to a few but did not catch any then there was a ball hit about 4 or five rows up on the other side of aisle so I headed towards it, I went to hope the rail between the sections like I have many times and missed the bleacher seat on the other side and landed in the seat hitting my head on the top of the seat, I ended up bruising my shoulder, skinning my left knee, getting a cut under my right eye and getting another cut on my left ankle and the next day had a sore rib, also did not get the ball. I think my pride was hurt more than the injuries!


Juan Nicasio was the starting pitcher for the Rockies he had another very good game! He started it with a quick 1,2,3 inning. IMG_2977

Andrew McCutchen grounded out to third for the last out of the inning.


 The Rockies also went down in order in the 1st inning against the Pirates starter A.J. Burnett. They did get a run in the second inning to take a 1-0 lead


The Pirates got there first run and tie the game 1-1 in the 4th inning on a Russell Martin double.


Roger (Troy Tulowitzki) Dorn argues a strike out looking call once agin. Getting kicked out for it was just not enough. Sooner or later they are just gonna start tossing him more.


Garrett Jones slid into third in the 6th inning for a triple scoring Russell Martin from first and the Pirates took a 2-1 lead. Jones would also score on a Jose Tabata single 3-1 Pirates.

The Rockies fort back immediately in the 6th when Michael Cuddyer got things started with a single and advanced to second on a fly ball hit to center and Cuddy tagged up and reached second great hustle play by him in my opinion this is what really got the motivation for this team up.


Nolan Arenado than hit a double scoring Cuddy (3-2) Pirates. The next batter Jonny Herrera walk to have runners on first and second.


Charlie Blackmon came into pinch hit for Nicasio and hit a double to score Arenado to tie the game at 3.


Herrera and Blackmon both scored on a Dexter Fowler single for a 5-3 lead.


Dexter Fowler at second with the fist bump to Rene Lacheman.


Clint Hurdle would remove Burnett from the game after the Fowler at bat and  Tony Watson would come into pitch for the Rockies.


Corey Dickerson hit a single to left field scoring Fowler and advancing to third on a throw from Starling Marte that Pedro Alvarez missed.


Corey Dickerson rounding first.


Fowler sliding into third as Alvarez gets the ball.


but does not hold onto the ball to score Fowler.


6-3 Rockies


Corey Dickerson reaching third.

Josh Outman pitched the 7th inning for the Rockies he started the inning by giving up a single to Josh Harrison on the first pitch of the inning. He hit the next batter Starling Marte. Alex Presley came in to pinch run for him. Neil Walker hit into a double play that Clint Hurdle did not agree with!!


He came out and was arguing with 2nd base umpire Adrian Johnson.


He must of said some key words because well Adrian Johnson tossed him from the game. it was awesome to see a manager get fired up!


Rex Brothers came in the 9th inning. He walked Gabby Sanchez to start the inning. Things got rough after he allowed the Next 2 batters Alex Presley and Neil Walker hit singles Sanchez scored on the Walker single which cut into the Rockies 3 run lead.


Walt Weiss heads out to the mound to talk to Rex.

It must have worked!


Brothers than struck out McCutchen and..


Alvarez to end the game and the Rockies won the second against the Pirate 6-4.


That is it for the second game from the Pirates series got another from this series.

So see you at Coors!

Also The Answers for the Roxivus Trivia Contest was Ubaldo Jimenez, Aaron Cook and Jason Marque. The winner of the contest was Dominic who answered the Question with Aaron Cook and Ubaldo. When I answered it I answered   Ubaldo and Marque.

So send me an Email and I will give you the choices for the Prize.

Rockin the Pirates Ship!


Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Colorado Rockies

Game 1 of Series
My 51st game at Coors this year.


Since I came directly from work I arrived at Coors early for the 6:40 game. I got to the players entrance at about 2:35 and see if I could get any autographs. Earlier in the morning before I left for work I grabbed a 2012 All-Star ball that I had left from last year I have been meaning to bring it to see who I could get to sign it. After being there about 10 minutes a Car pulled up and it was The Pirates All-Star center fielder Andrew McCutchen who got out which was great because he happened to be the 2012 All-Star for the Pirates and I had him sign the ball. Another 5 minutes or so past when a Taxi pulled up and inside was Starling Marte who is in his first full year with the Pirates was in the Taxi. I have seen him play a few times over the last few years when going to Indianapolis and seeing the Indians play. He stopped and I had him sign what I am going to use as a Pirates team Item a photo of PNC Park in Pittsburgh that I had taken on a road trip in 2010.


this is the photo I had printed as a 11X14.

After doing real good with autographs out there I headed around to the Rockpile Gate and waited about an hour for the gates to open.

Then it was time for the game and I headed over to my usual spot and watched the game.


Jorge De La Rosa was the starting pitcher for the Rockies. At first things did not look like they would go well for Jorge today. Pirates lead-off batter Starling Marte got on base on the first pitch by hitting a single.


He would attempt to steal second while Jordy Mercer was batting and got caught for the first out of the game.


Mercer ended up hitting a single followed by a Andrew McCutchen single that (Roger Dorn) Troy Tulowitzki watched go by.


McCutchen hitting his single in the first.

Russell Martin also hit a single and load the base’s. Jorge turned it up and struck out Pedro Alverez and then Gaby Sanchez grounded out and ended the inning Jorge managed to get himself out of a tough inning very nice work by him. Jorge threw 26 pitched in the inning.

For those who do not get the Roger Dorn reference go rent Major League!


The Pirates starter was Francisco Liriano who came into the game with a 12-5 record for the year and a 2.83 ERA in 17 games. Dexter Fowler started the game of with a hard-line drive out to Mercer at short and it seemed like OK so this is how the game is going to go It will be a quick inning for the Rockies which has been somewhat the norm lately. But the next batter D.J. LeMahieu got and incredible inning started with a single, (RODO) Tulo managed to scrape together a walk. Michael Cuddyer hit a single which scored LeMahieu from second and (Rodo) Tulo advanced to third.


Wilin Rosario hit a double to right scoring Tulo and Cuddy who was on first.


Jose Tabata chases the ball into the right field corner.


Cuddy crossing the plate after Rosarios double.  (3-0) Rox


Rosario scored on a Todd Helton single to make it a 4-0 game.

Jorge De La Rosa was the ninth batter of the inning for the Rockies he hit a pretty good shot to left and flew out. For a pitcher it was pretty good contact.


Neil Walker started the 2nd inning off the same way Marte did with a single he didn’t do it on one pitch, instead it was 3 but he got on base. As shown above he would eventually score the Pirates first run of the game. Jorge did walk 2 batters and give a single again to Marte. Walker scored on a sac-fly to center. (4-1) Rox


The Rockies and Wilin Rosario did not hold back in the 2nd inning. Fowler singled to start the inning and  then LeMahieu flew out and Tulo would strike out looking for the 5 run game winning home run, oohhh wait we were already up by 3 nevermind! With 2 outs Cuddy hit a single scoring Dex who advanced to second on a throwing error on his single and tagged up to 3rd on LeMahieu fly out. (5-0) Rox Wilin Rosario did not let it end there he hit a 2 run home run to put the Rockies up 7-0. Yeah we got Tacos and it is only the second inning! It still did not stop Helton singled and scored on a Nolan Arenado single.


Arenado came home on a Charlie Culbertson double (9-0) Rox unfortunately the 2 out rally ended with the third out of the inning a hit back to Liriano by de La Rosa for the out. Once again the Rockies sent 9 guys to the plate in an inning.

Liriano was taken out off the game in the 3rd inning with 1 out and Vin Mazzaro came in to pitch for the Pirates. So Lirianos ERA jumped 3.14 after his 2.1 inning and well not to give away the ending he also recorded his 3rd lose of the year. The Rockies did get a 10th run in the third Fowler lead off this inning with a walk and scored on a Michael Cuddyer hit a ball to Mercer who tossed to Walker at second to get the hustling Tulo at second. Who am I kidding even if he was hustling he would have been out but Cuddys hustle did beat out the double play.


Alex Presley pinched hit in the pitchers spot in the for the Pirates in the 6th inning. He is another guy I have seen a few times in Indy. He was actually with them last month when I was there.

Jorge was taken out of the game after 5 innings. with a high pitch count and a 9 run lead. he pitched 106 pitches striking out 3 and walking 3, he gave up that 1 run on 8 hits he managed to work him out of 2 rough innings and pitched well the last 3 he pitched. I am sure run support helped his performance.


Clint Hurdle removes his third pitcher of the game Jared Hughs from the game with 2 outs and replaced him with infielder Josh Harrison.


Harrison faced Corey Dickerson who came into pinch hit in the for the pitchers spot and flew out to left.


Rex Brothers closed the game in the 9th for the Rockies not without a little drama but did get the 3 outs and ended the game.


Jonny Hererra tried to turn a double play after getting Marte out at second. Mercer got on first.


The third out was a hit to Jonny again to get Tony Sanchez out at first to end the game. Yorvit Torrealba was playing first in the 9th for the Rockies. He did bat in Heltons spot in the 8th inning.

The Rockies won this one 10-1.

Great way to start a home stand lets keep it going guys.

After the game we headed out to the players entrance again and got Pirates player Neil Walker on my 11×14 and Walt Weiss stopped and he signed 2 cards for me.

Kannapolis over Powered!


West Virginia Power vs. Kannapolis Intimidators

The Power are the low single A affiliate of the Pirates and the Kannapolis Intimidators are the low A affiliate of the White Sox.

CMC-Northeast Stadium

Kannapolis, N.C.

This is my 8th game on the road trip.

Since I was heading to charlotte to see my Cousins that live there I figured I would go to a game in Kannapolis I have been there before, but since I have never got a South Atlantic League Ball I knew they had a spot where you could watch batting practice and see if I could snag one so I headed out behind the field and almost immediately found a ball.


Here it is before I picked it up. So I was like great I finally got the elusive S.A.L. ball. I pick it up and it is not a S.A.L. ball but and MLB ball I than noticed that it had a logo and I just laughed…..


….because here I am 1600 miles from Denver and the first ball I find was a 20th Anniversary Rockies logo ball. Now they have been hard to come by in Denver unless you get a game ball or a toss up during practice.

So I kept searching for the S.A.L. ball and the next one I found was a Minor League practice ball. By then One of my cousins headed out and found another Minor League Practice ball still not finding a S.A.L. ball. Now the reason I have called the S.A.L. ball elusive is because of the amount of game I have seen in this league and have never got one. Many of the stadiums don’t have great availability for batting practice and I have never got a game ball from any of them and that was with seeing 3 games in Greensboro, 2 in Ashville, 1 in Lexington and the previous game in Kannapolis. So 7 games in the last 3 years and did not get one.

So I than found one and the quest for the Elusive S.A.L ball was over not even 2 minutes or so later I found a second!!!!

IMG_20130709_174526These are the 2 S.A.L. baseballs I found on my Easter egg hunt behind the stadium. In total I found 4 and my cousin found 1 and a half basically he found a ball with no cover that was pretty beat up.


It was time to head in, one of the biggest differences was they had changed the stadiums name since the last time I was there. It use to be Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium. It is now CMC-Northeast Stadium.


An interesting thing they do in this stadium is post the Nextel Cup standings.

IMG_9654Here is a view of the main building at the stadium. It is where the main entrance is, souvenir store and the stadiums suites are located! even the last time I mentioned that this stadium felt like it was in someone’s back yard which is something I like about this stadium.

Here is a link from my last game in Kannapolis.



The players cam out to warm up and after the normal stretching and throwing they broke up into groups of 4 and played pepper which is a exercise/game that was more common years ago. this is the first time I have seen it.


Braulio Ortiz throwing the first pitch to Barrett Barnes, he would hit a lead-off single.


Barnes dives back on a throw over to first base.


The second batter for the Power Dilson Herrera popped out to the Intimidators catcher Brent Tanner.


Tyler Glasnow was the starting pitcher for the Powers he is currently the #19 prospect in the Pirates organization. Besides hitting the second batter in the inning he pitched very well striking out 2 in the 1st. IMG_9738The Intimidators first batter Jacob May broke his bat on Glasnows first or second pitch.


May hit him self with the handle part of the bat. The trainer actually use the towel they always come out of the dugout with.


After he got back in the box he hit a soft hit that the Powers third base man fielded for the out at first.


The batter that did get on base in the inning was Tim Anderson, after getting on base he stole second!


The Powers lead off batter in the 2nd was Eric Wood.


He hit the ball to the track in center, but it was caught by Kannapolis’ center fielder Jacob May. The Power would have 2 runners in the inning. Max Moroff the second batter of the inning walked and the third Walker Gourley reached on a fielding error by the short stop Tim Anderson.


Designated Hitter Michael Johnson hitting a 2nd inning single to Eric Woods at third.


Johnson would reach base on a throw that got past the Powers first base man Walker Gourley. It was not ruled an error it was a base hit foe Johnson. He may have been able to get to second but remained at first.


Ortiz pitching with a runner on in the 3rd inning. The runner for the Power was Josh Bell who hit a single to get on base. Both teams failed to score in the 3rd. The Intimidators did have a scoring opportunity Kale Kisner reached on a single but was throw out at second trying to steal second base two batters later Tim Anderson hit a double which most likely could have scored Kisner from first or second if he did steal the base successfully. That would have given the Intimidators a 1 run lead.


Things got very rough for the Intimidators starter Ortiz in the 4th. After Max Moroff singled with one out. Walker Gourley followed that up with a single also then two batters in a row walked first, Francisco Diaz and then Raul Fortunado. The second walk brought in the Powers first run scoring Moroff from third. (1-0) Power Their second run came on a sac fly by Barrett Barnes to center and that scored Gourley. (2-0) Power. Besides the 4th inning runs Ortiz pitched well he did work himself out of a situation with 2 runners on in the 2nd and he stayed in the game through the 6th inning. After the 4th inning he came out very strong in the 5th. the first batter of the inning Josh Bell grounded out and he then struck out Jordan steranka and eric would to end the inning. He did walk the lead-off batter in the 6th but then had the second batter hit into a double play by keeping the ball low and on the ground for hits and finished the inning with his 4th strike out of the game.


Alex Power pitched the 7th and 8th inning for the Intimidators. He pitched well in 7th and let up a run in the 8th. Eric Wood Scored on a Walker Gourley single. (3-0) Power


Max Moroff sliding into 3rd on the Gourley single.


Jason Coats hit into a double play with runners on 2nd and third. The Powers Dolson Herrera stepping on second and turning the throw to first.


Coats out a first.


Keon Barnum hitting a RBI scoring single.


Jacob May scoring the Intimidators first and only run in the 9th inning. Brent Tanner would ground out to end the game. The Power would win with the 3-1 score.


The Power celebrate their victory in Kannapolis. After this game they are 46-41 on the season and The Intimidators are not being to intimidating in The S.A.L with a  34- and 53 record.

That is it for this one in Kannapolis may have another game coming up this weekend before heading back to Denver for the All-Star week and Roxivus next weekend.

Till then see you around.

Two tribes battle it out in the rain in Indy!


Gwinnett Braves Triple A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves Vs Indianapolis Indians Triple A affiliates of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This was the 15th game of my road trip. This was the 2nd game at  Victory Field in Indianapolis.

After taking a few laps around the Ballpark area looking for parking since the parking lot we parked in sunday was for employees of the building during the week and others were full. I found a parking lot across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium. Still think this looks like an airplane hangar. Lucas Oil Stadium hosted the Super Bowl XLVI (46 for the roman numeral challenged) in February. I took the short walk to Victory Field.

This is a look at the Center Field entrance at the corner of West Maryland Street and South West Street. After getting my ticket and taking some photos outside. I looked across S.West St. and noticed this….

… yes that says 104 degrees. This was about 50 minutes before first pitch.

Despite the temperature I still took a walk around the stadium. This photo is of the grounds crew putting down the foul lines. This was the first time I have seen this proceed use it is a box with a filter on the bottom the place them on the ground and tap them with mallets these with baseballs on the end of a hammer handle. Somebody at the game said they do this at Great American Ball Park and in Columbus at Huntington Park. That is where the Columbus Clippers play.

Ex Rockie Jose Morales was the starting catcher for the Indians.

Here is a look of the indians stretching before the game with the J.W. Marriott and the Indianapolis skyline in the background.

Indians starting pitcher Daniel Cabrera throwing in the outfield.

I then noticed this easter egg under a seat along the left field line. This ball looked very used had no logos or other marks. This was the first ball I have gotten at this stadium and the first of the day.

Cabrera throwing in the bullpen.

Jose Morales catching in the bullpen.

Starling Marte signing autographs for fans. I had him, Chase D’Arnaud and Anderson Hernandez to sign my program. While i was by the wall for autos I met a fellow road tripper David who was also doing a road trip his Included Columbus, Cincinnati, The Louisville Bat factory, The Football Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll H.O.F. and other places. He was the person who told me about the boxes the were using for the lines.

Cabrera throwing the first pitch to the Braves Jose Costanza popped out to third. For the first out. Josh Wilson flew out to center. Felix Pie would hit a double. (pronounced PeeYea). The next batter Ernesto Mejia grounded out to end the inning.

Mejia taking a swing in the first. I walked to me seat in the process of the inning. Today I got a seat in the second deck on the first baseline. Both times I have been to this stadium I sat on the 3rd base side in the lower seating.

Almost immediately after the Braves 3rd out it started to pour. It was a slight rain during Mejia’s at bat, but before the first pitch could be thrown for the Braves the grounds crew pulled out the tarp.

So I headed to the concourse on the lower level to escape the rain. Here are a few photos during the rain delay.

Here is the water running down the steps while more drops fell.

I than looked up one of the stair cases and caught these to enjoying the rain. This was a well needed storm in the area. The Indianapolis area has been in a severe draught the whole summer. With many water restrictions in effect.

I think this security guard should be the highest paid person to step on the field for this afternoon because he stood there the whole rain delay. Major props to him.

Rowdy had some fun with the rain and the tarp, while entertaining the crowd!

A look of the field with the tarp and a rain-soaked Indianapolis in the background. The odd thing was that this rain delay was 2 hours and 27 minutes of almost continues rain and my relatives that live about 8 miles away did not see a single drop.

Jose Morales and Daniel Cabrera waiting in the dugout during the first slow down of the rain it would come down hard again and the rain delay continued. During the rain delay I met back up with David and we talked about our road trips. I was really cool meeting with someone else actually doing a trip. I have met many Rockies fans at away stadiums, but not someone doing a full road trip to many stadiums in a single trip like I do.

After about 2 hours the tarp was removed and they started working on the field.

The Braves finally took the field to resume the first inning. Here is there starting pitcher Eric Junge throws the first pitch to the Indians Chase d’Arnaud. d’Arnaud lead the inning off with a single. He and Yamaico Navarro were the only 2 base runners for the Indians Navarro walked.

Chris Leroux came into pitch the second inning because of the long rain delay. The Indians did not bring Cabrera back out. Leroux sat the braves down in order. The Braves did the same in the 3rd.

Jose Constanza at bat in the 3rd inning. He hit the ball to second and was thrown out at first.

d’Arnaud strikes out for a strike in the 3rd inning. He would actually walk this at bat.

He was thrown out trying to steal second.

Billy Bullock pitched for the Braves in the 4th inning. Here he is warming up in the bullpen.

Starling Marte hits to third for  ground out to lead off the 4th for the Indians once again they would go down in order.

After hitting a single and advancing to third Ruben Gotay gets caught between third and home in the 5th inning. The Braves scored 2 in the inning 2 solo shots by Jordan Parraz and J.C. Boscan. (2-0) Braves

Leroux got pulled out in the 5th. Brian Morris would come into pitch for the Indians.

With runners on in the 5th Morris contributes offensively for the Indians. move 2 runners over. The Indians did not utilize the 2 runners in scoring position and Chase d’Arnaud popped out to short to end the inning for the Indians.

Morris getting out in the 5th inning.

Starling Marte takes a swing in the 6th to get on base. He got on base but Anderson Hernandez was out st second.

Anderson breaking up the double play at second.

Yamaico Navarro takes a swing in the 6th inning.

Matt Hague safely slides into second on a Navarro single.

Adam Russell came in to pitch for the Braves with bases loaded in the 6th.

Jose Morales would hit a single to score Marte and Matt Hague to tie the game at 2.

Marte crossing the plate for the Indians first run.

Eric Fryer would than hit a single to score Yamaico Navario to take the lead 3-2.

Terry Tifee pinch hit for the Braves in the 7th here is d’Arnaud turning a double play to end the 7th.

d’Arnaud slides into third for his 7th inning lead off triple. He would score on a Hernandez fly out (4-2) Indians.

Josh Wilson grounds out for the Braves first out of the 8th inning. Morales was the only runner for the Indians in the 8th he got on base on a walk.

Stephan Gartrell lead off the 9th for the Braves with a single in this photo he is swinging for a strike but did get a single.

Tifee steps on second as the pinch runner for Boscon,  Luis Durango scores at home.

Jay Chapman warms up in the bullpen for the Braves with hopes of the Braves taking the lead and he would pitch in the 9th for the Braves. The Braves did send 9 batters to the plate and score 4 runs to take the lead 6-4.

He did get to pitch the 9th.

Anderson Hernandez swings at a pitch for a strike. He was the last out he grounded out to second.

Chapman would sit the Indians down in order in the 9th and the game was over after a 2 hr. 27 min. rain delay and the game taking 3hrs and 24mins. to play the game ended the Braves Won 6-4. That was the end of the game and my road trip. I hung around a few minutes to see if I could get a ball while they were cleaning the dugout and did not get one. Everyone I asked said they could not touch them including a bat boy. Josh Wilson was the player of the game after he did a post game interview he signed some autographs.

Here he is grabbing a ball from David to sign.

So that was it for the game and my road trip. This was the 4th home team loss I have seen on this trip so the home record was 10 win 4 losses for my trip. Saw some great games. Met many cool people. Like always i would like to thanks everyone that let me stay with them including Amy’s Aunt, Uncles and cousins for getting ticket’s in Arlington and staying with them. To My family all over for letting me stay with them and everything else involved, Eating, driving going to games help with my truck and supporting this trip.

So you ask?  I did mention I got 2 baseballs this game and only mentioned one well after I exited the stadium I walked down S. West street as I was walking I saw something in a bush in the median…

… and there it was the second ball. Who said baseballs don’t grow on trees. It must have been from BP who knows how long it was there but it was my second easter egg of the game. It was a very faded International League ball.

I am now home and after a long 16 and a half hour drive from Indy I got in about 10:30 last night. It took so long today to write this post because ontop of un packing and settle into being home. It was a rough day in Denver and I would like to send my condolences, my heart and prayers for the victims, family, friends and the whole Denver Community that was affected by the shooting during the night at The Aurora Town Center.

Well that’s it for this post and my road trip to use the home record of my trip to sign off 10-4 over and out. I will be back at Coors next week see you there!!!

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It only took a Second in the Second


Pirates Vs. Rockies

Starters: Jason Hammel

              Paul Maholm



                                Jason Hammel heading to the bullpen for warm ups.



Seth Smith either just scored a touchdown for the Jets or he is doing is best Laura Ingles impersonation!




                    Jhoulys Chacin and Rafael Betancourt in the Rockies Dugout!!!



                          Chris Iannetta and Jason Hammel Heading in for the game.




        Jason Hammel throws the first pitch to Pirates Centerfielder Andrew McCutchen.

The second pitch wasn’t as good McCutchen hit a lead off solo HR. Thta was the second night he homered against the Rockies in this series. Hammel held it together well and keeping his pitch count low for him through the game. He ended up pitching 7 innings. Lettimg up 7 hits and only 1 run. He threw 105 pitches, averaging about 15 pitches per inning. The 4th was his only high pitch inning where he did walk 2 batters but got himself out of the inning.






Jose Tabata swinging at a pitch in the 1st inning. he was taken out of the game after the first for somereason not sure or havent heard why.


The Deuce making the off balance throw to 1st he makes this look so easy. Kids don’t try this at home!!

Well MLBLOGS is F’d up once again trying to finish this post for 2 days still can’t load photo’s The Rockies won 4-1. Rox Fans celabrated from at the Root Sports Desk and Gary X and I Tossed out the Helmer Is My HomeBoy T-Shirts. Chris Iannetta hit a 3 run HR in the 2nd after Cargo scored on a Smith single. making the score 4-1 and thats all that was scored or needed. for the game. Way to Go Chris hope things pick up for him they seem like he has coming around. Hammel pitched a great game he went 7 innings including 3 1,2,3 innings.



OOOOHHHH its working.


          Dexter Fowler puting down the bunt in the 1st inning he was thrown out at first.



Todd Helton rounding first for a double it was his 533 double bringing him 1 away from catching Lou Gehrig on the all time list. he is currently 32 on the all time list with Bobby Abreu right behind him on the all time list with 531.


 Well til next time I may complete this post, I may Not, I possibly may even attempt a post for the May 1st game against the Pirates. If Not see you at Coors next week when the NY Mets come to The 5280 on May 9,10 and 11th. I will see you their!  


2010 East Coast Road Trip Part 1

 This is an Entry of my 2010 East coast Trip. My trip was from August 5th thru August 19th.

 After a day Game at Coors Against the now World Champion S.F. Giants I headed east. First driving 17 Hours to a relatives in Indianapolis. After a Day there I got in my truck and headed to my first Baseball Destination PNC Park in Pittsburgh. It was the 3rd game of the 4 game series. I arrived at PNC about 5 hours before the game started and 3 before the gates opened. Here are some photos from my trip this entry is only part one of the trip 8/7-8/10.


After a 6 hour drive from Indy to Pittsburgh I arrived at my first stop PNC Park home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

This photo is at the home plate entrance of PNC Park. The Statue is of Honus Wagner who played with the Pirates From 1900 – 1917.


Above is a Roberto Clemente statue located outside one of the Left Field entances.


I found it intresting how the whole neighborhood around the ball park shows their support for the Pirates.

Evan the Police baracades closing the streets show support to their home team.IMG_4837.JPGAfter waiting by the players entrance I noticed a bus pulled into the loading dock. So I went over to see what was going on and Jason Giambi was signing Autos. I kept my promise from spring training that I would not ask him for an auto after he Signed a card and my 2010 Rockies Team Ball.

IMG_4865.JPGAfter the early gates open the only place you can acces is the riverwalk before they open up the gates to be able to get to seats. You can actually snag Bp homers out there if it clears the seats and the iron fence. If it does not hit the unexpecting fan who has know clue.

IMG_4883.JPGA view of PNC from Left Field during batting practice.

IMG_4888.JPGThe PNC scoreboard with the Rockies starting line up.

IMG_4909.JPGDexter Fowler taking a swing during batting practice.

I did get one ball at PNC, During batting practice that was hit on to Riverwalk in left field. which bounced of a PNC ATM machine.

IMG_4914.JPG1 of the many statues and monuments celabrating the players from the Pirate through the years. This one is of Ralph Kiners hands and bat.

IMG_4937.JPGA view of the field from the 3rd baseside .

IMG_4952.JPGTom Helmer and the Cowboy during the pre game.

IMG_4957.JPGHeres one for the Rockpile Ranter !!! It’s the hosers at PNC Park.

IMG_4975.JPGThe Rockies Line up for the National Anthem.

IMG_4996.JPGGeorge Thorogood throws out the Ceremonial 1st pitch.

IMG_5000.JPGRoss Ohlendorf throws 1st pitch to Dexter Fowler. Rockies fans may remember Ohlendorf as the guy that Tulo’s line drive hit in the head on 7-28-2010 when the Pirates where at Coors Field.

IMG_5019.JPGCargo steals 2nd base in the 1st inning.

IMG_5038.JPGJorge De La Rosa was the starting pitcher that night. He went 6 scoreless innings til he let up a home run to Snyder.

IMG_5053.JPGA seat at PNC Park.

IMG_5115.JPGThe Scoreboard at the end of the game the Pirates won 7-5 with a 2 run walk off Home run in the top of the 10th inning by Pedro Alvarez.

Following the Game it was Fireworks night and George Thorogood concert which I hung around to see a little of before heading to New York.

IMG_5116.JPG8-8-2010: After Driving over night from Pittsburgh I arrived on Long Island with in hours of arriving I was heading to Brooklyn with my long time friend Chris to see a Brooklyn Cyclones game. The Brooklyn Cyclone are a single a short season affiliate of the NY Mets. That night they Played against the CT. Tigers.

IMG_5183.JPGA view of MCU Park from behind homeplate. Featuring the Steeplechase tower the only thing left of what was the steeplechase amusment park.

IMG_5185.JPGA view of the MCU Parks scoreboard with a replica of the famous Coney Island roller coaster which the team is named for the Cyclone.

IMG_5188.JPGA seat at MCU Park.

IMG_5200.JPGBrookyn Cyclone’s Manager and former NY Mets 2nd Baseman Wally Backman.

IMG_5211.JPGBrooklyn Cyclones Outfielder and top prospects Cory Vaughn at bat.

IMG_5217.JPGIn 2010 the Brooklyn Cyclones Celabrated 10 years as a baseball team in Brooklyn.

IMG_5226.JPGA view from right field at MCU Park.

The Cyclones lost 6-3

Before leaving Coney Island I had to make a stop at the world famous Nathans for a hot dog. This was the first time I was ever there even know I lived in NY for 28 Years.

The Third Game of my trip brought me to Islip Long Island Home of the Long Island Duck. The Ducks are part of the Atlantic League. Which is an Independent league with teams in NY, Conn, and NJ. Their Stadium is now called Suffolk County Sports Park and was formaly known as EAB Park and Citipark.IMG_5438.JPGBefore the Game I got to meet former Mets ShortStop and Coach Bud Harrelson. Bud is the only Mets Player and Coach to have been in uniform for both the 1969 and 1986 World Series Championship. So of cause I had him sign a few items!!


IMG_5473.JPGL.I Ducks Centerfielder gets thrown out at first in the 5th inning

IMG_5521.JPGCamden River Sharks Manager and former Phillie Von Hayes comes out in the 5th or 6th inning for a pitching change. I think the Riversharks used 5 or 6 pitches that night.

IMG_5544.JPGThe Long Island Ducks celabrate their victory over the Camden Riversharks 11-6

IMG_5588.JPGOn August 10, 2010 I attended my first baseball game in over 8 years in NY and my first at the new stadium of the New York Mets Citifield.

Heres a look at Citifield outside of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda.

Here is a Plaque in the sidewalk outside of Citifield which is one of my best memories growing up as a Mets fan.There are about 20 of these plaques outside the stadium with many memories from the Mets history including their 2 World Series Victories and other memorable games in their history.IMG_5598.JPGThe Centerfield score board.

IMG_5624.JPGThe New York Mets 1986 World Series Trophy which is in the new Mets Hall of Fame located just inside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda in Citifield.

IMG_5642.JPGThis is a look at the control room for the stadiums LCD boards.

IMG_5648.JPGRockies manager Jim Tracy and Mets Manager Jerry Manuels exchange Line ups. 

IMG_5656.JPGRockies Pitching coach Bob Apodaca, Catcher Miguel Olivo and Ubaldo Jimenez walk in from the Center field Bullpen at Citifield

IMG_5659.JPGUbaldo Jimenez Throws First Pitch to The Mets Jose Reyes.Going for his 18th win of the Year.

IMG_5665.JPGA View of CitiField From My Seat in Section 316. Once again Thanks Rich For the great seats.


 This is the Final Score Board for this Game Ubaldo and Mike Pelfrey pitched an excellent game
Ubaldo only let up 4 hits and 1 run. He pitched 4 NoNo innings. The Game would of been totally different if the deep fly ball hit by Cargo with a runner on was a Homer like it would of been in 85% of the Major League Ballparks.


See More photos, more games and ball parks coming up in part 2 of my east coast road trip.



Look keep checking the Rox Addict Blog. For Part 2 of my east coast road trip.