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They went the extra frame and the score stayed the same.

 On Sunday the Rockies Played the Angels. The game started of great for the Rockies Runs accumulated fast, More on that in a second.

                               The scoreboard with the starting line ups.


Tony from the E gate @ Coors checking in guests at the Rockies Gate at Salt River Fields. The E gate is the Fado’s Entrance.


Jeff Huson Preparing for the game in the FSN soon to be Roots Sports booth. FSN will be changing their name on April 1st. After the Game Jeff signed 2 cards for me Thanx. The FSN crew F’n Rocks!!!!!!!!IMG_2282.JPG

            Sunday the Rockies had batting practice inside @ Salt River Fields.


                  Tulo During Batting Practice with Dexter takin swings in the cage.

So Coors Field may have Dinger living in the basement, But Salt River Field has this guy…..


…….this Falcon is believed to be nesting in the rafters at Salt River Fields.


                       Matt Daley signing autographs for fans before the game
Esmil Roger and Chris Iannetta heading to the field from the bullpen. Esmil pitched pretty well and struck out 2 in the 1st. and went 3 scoreless. He pitched 6 inning.

                                         The Rockies taking the field 




Esmil Rogers throws first pitch to the Angels Maicer Izturis, which results into Rogers 1st strike out of the game.


The Angels Bobby Abreu at bat in the 1st. for the 2nd Strike out and final out of the inning.


Cargo @ bat in the first with Herrera on first hit a single. So with 1 out and 2 on “The Deuce” Troy Tulowitzki comes up and hits his first of 2 home runs of the game. Scoring Cargo and Herrera 3-0 Rox.

                   The Deuce running the bases high five 3rd base coach Rich Dauer



Celebrating the HR with Cargo, Herrera and Helton who hit a single and later scored on a Iannetta single.

                              Here’s Helton running 2nd to 3rd after Spilli’s single.


       Ty Wiggington Running from 2nd to 3rd.  The Rockies Scored 4 runs in the 1st. inning.

Tom Helmer doing his thing in right field. One of our favorites he is the Rantics Homeboy. Once again thanks for the shirts.

                   Helmer and Myself in the interview pose. No I wasn’t interviewed.



            Vernon Wells Scores on a Franklin Morales Wild Pitch in the 6th inning.

The Angels Alberto Calasspo caught in a run down between 3rd and home for an out.


                                                   Meeting on the mound


Dexter steals a base in the Rox half of the 6th. The ball was knocked down by th Angels SS.


                     Invitee Rex Brothers pitching in the 7th inning


          Willie Taveras Gets the brush back from the Angels Pitcher Jordan Walden


So after the Angels tied up the game in the 6th inning the score remand the same they went to the 10th and the game was ended with a 6-6 tie. Which can only happens in spring training.

This was my last Rockies game of the trip they played 3 innings then were cancelled because of rain. As was the game I went to in Maryvale between the Rangers and the Brewers.


Thanks for checking out the post and check back as I blog more about my trip to Spring Training. Including 2 Diamondbacks game and a look at their side of the complex at Salt River Fields.

Long Way to Go But it Ended with a Solo.


My day Started with seeing a post from the Rockpile Ranter that he was first in line to enter the new stadium. Later on there was a phone call from Robert saying he had not caught the first batting practice ball at Salt River Fields @ Talking Stick, But Did get the second that he caught from Troy Tulowitzki. An was the 1st Rockies fan to catch a BP home run. I was unable to get to Scottsdale for this game so I did watch the entire game from home on FSN soon to be Root Sports. During the whole game you were able to feel the excitement from phone call and post from friends that were there, to the chatter between a bunch of us before and during the game.

Finally after months of watching the count down on The Salt River Fields @ Talking stick website. The time had come and a new Era for the Rockies has started.


The First Pitch was thrown by Arizona’s  Aaron Heilman to the Colorado Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler. It was a taken strike. Then Dex hit along flyball to the Diamondbacks center fielder Chris Young. On another day it would have been a Home Run, even though it was an out for the Rockies.The crack of the bat said that baseball is back. After a quick 1,2,3 inning, that saw Seth Smith and Cargo both grounding out.The Rox took the field behind their Ace starting pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez. Ubaldos first pitch was a ball. He then walked Johnson. Parra got the first hit. After that, J.D. Drew hit into a double play, the first double play. Tulo to Lopez and then to Wiggington for the double play. The Rox came up in the 2nd. Another 3 up 3 down inning But Tulo had the Rox first hit for a single. Then Ian Stewart hit into a double play getting Tulo out at 2nd and Stewart at 1st. Ty Wiggington made his Rockies debut with a pop out.

              Now to the D-Backs 2nd inning. where Geoff Blum flew out to Cargo an up came Pena who hit a single off of Ubaldo for the first hit in the history of Salt River Fields @ Talking Stick. The first run was scored off of the Rockies 2nd Pitcher of the day Gregg Reynolds, after the HR he really improved and pitched a very good 3rd and 4th with 2 strike outs and only a base hit allowed besides the HR. in the Rockies 4th the Rockies scored their first run when Cargo hit a single that scored Seth Smith from 2nd. After the Rockies 3rd inning most of the Rockies starters left the game. It was time to see the minor league players prospects and invitees. One very notable performance was Jonny Herrera who went 3 for 3 with a walk. Their were no other runs till the Rockies 6th inning. When Sky Sox left fielder Cole Gardner hit a single with 1 out. Followed by a Pop out by Gomez and a walk by Chris Nelson then a double by Mike Jacobs scored them both, making the score 3 to 1 Rockies. In the Top of the 7th the Rockies scored 4 runs which they sent 9 batters to the plate. The Diamondbacks did respond in the 7th when Brandon Allen scored off of some bodies double (Trying to keep track of opposing teams with not very known players yielded to be difficult). The score at this point was 7-2. It looked like the game was well out of reach, BUT as many people know you never leave a game early and in baseball anything is possible and especially in spring training. The Diamondbacks came back in the 9th with 5 runs including a 3 run HR by invitee Paul Goldschmidt, tying the game at 7 a piece. The game went into the 10th inning. At first the Diamondbacks did not come out to the field thinking in Spring Training fashion the game would be called. Not in this one, they were going to the 10th, and, after a Mike Jacobs fly out to center Charlie Blackman came up with a long solo shot to the berm in right field. I was actually on the phone with Robert who was at the stadium and heard the homer over the phone before i saw it on the 7 second delay on TV. The D backs came up in the with an un productive inning and the Rockies won the game 8-7. Andrew Johnston Pitched very well in the 9th and 10th inning an even got an at bat for a walk in the 10th. So The game was a great first game for a new stadium. With exciting come backs and extra innings and was won in total Rockies style.

During the game FSN showed the new Rockies Commercials which as always were very entertaining. My favorite was the Metal detector which featured Troy Tulowitzki and Todd Helton.

Even though I was not there it was fun and exciting to watch. Had a great time chatting with other Rockies fan who were also watching from their homes. Gary X, Joy and Dan. And hope this will be a frequent tradition during away games.

As I am writing this 9 News in Denver has reported that the Rockies Lost this game in 10 innings 8-7. Maybe they should watch the games or maybe even read one of the MLB Blogs.

For More Coverage from this game Check out the Rockpile Rant baseballsnatcher.mlblogs.com  who was their live and I’m sure will share the experience and photos from the game like only the Ranter can.

I can’t wait for my trip to Scottsdale on March 18th when I will be blogging nightly from the games at Salt River Field at Talking Stick and Rockies away games.


The last 2 weeks in review. My Year so Far.

              So over the last 2 weeks I experienced and attended many things I may not normaly attend. Here in Colorado we have had the National Western Stock Show, we have seen a new Gov. sworn in, a much needed change in Dove Valley with John Elway’s return to the front office of the Broncos, Broncos announce a new head coach John Fox and of course the 7 year, 80 Million Dollar deal that outfielder Carlos Gonzales signed with the Rox. Some of these events I was there for, some I wish I was, but here are photos from my experiences of the last 2 weeks.


               January 6, 2011 I headed to what is now now a tradition for me,iIt is to go to the National Western Stock Show Parade. This is the time of the year that Denver proves again that it is a cow town even though it try’s so hard to deny it’s not the rest of the year. I started going to the Parade last year when Colorado Rockies Todd Helton was the Grand Marshall. So because of my baseball Addiction I got to experience a totaly different world of cattle and tractors.


Every Year the Parade is kicked of by a herd of long horn cattles heading down 17th street.                
IMG_0225.JPG       The 2011 Grand Marshal and owner of the 1973 Triple Crown winner

                                             Secretariat Penny Chenery

IMG_0232.JPG                                       A Clydesdale team pulls wagon down 17th street          
IMG_0245.JPG CSU Mascot Cal

IMG_0257.JPG                                                       Look at this clown!!!

IMG_0306.JPG Jan. 8, 2011 The Rockpile Ranter Interviews Fsn’s Tom Helmer @  Champs at Park Meadows Mall. For Video and more of the interviewCheck out The Rockpile Rant http://baseballsnatcher.mlblogs.com/ It was a very cool experience and thanks to Tom and his wife for hanging out with the Rantics.
IMG_0319.JPG                                On Lookers as “D” interviews Tom Helmer         
IMG_0325.JPGAfter “D” The Rockpile Ranter interviewed Tom. Allanha X hoped in and did a great

                                                  job at also interviewing Tom
IMG_0328.JPG                                                          Mom With Tom Helmer

January 11, 2011 So what to do when it’s a mid January day, your off from work, it’s not baseball season and it’s 5 degrees. Well I headed downtown to the capital building for the Inauguration of the new Governer of Colorado John W. Hickenlooper. Former geologist and Brew Pub Owner which was mentioned a few times during speeches that day.

IMG_0337.JPGSinging of the National Anthem Performed by Dianne Reeves. An the presentation of the colors by the Colorado National Guard Honor Guard                   
IMG_0353.JPG                Native American blessing by Matthew Box from the Southern Ute Tribe

IMG_0359.JPG                           Swearing in of State Treasuer Walker Stapleton. All the Oaths of office were administrated by Chief Justice Michael Bender

IMG_0366.JPG                                      Swearing in of Attorney General John Suthers

IMG_0376.JPG          Former Gov. Bill Ritter makes speech. I don’t know what he said something about 5 degrees and blahblah wahwah. Go Colorado or something like that. I think I will stick to baseball.
IMG_0379.JPG                                         Lt. Gov. Joseph Garcia being sworn in.
IMG_0389.JPG                           Lt. Gov. Joseph Garcia makes speech after being sworn in.
IMG_0394.JPGGov. Hickenlooper being sworn in, all the others who had been swarn in I had a good angle. 
IMG_0403.JPG  Former Gov. Bill Ritter (cowboy hat) and former gov. Bill Owens (red scarf) looking on while John Hickenlooper give his inaguaral speech.
IMG_0440.JPG                                                 The gold Leafed capital dome.
IMG_0488.JPG   The US Army National Gaurd fires cannon after the swearing in of The Governor.
IMG_0508.JPG  Denver 7’s Ana Cabrera interviews ?????. Not sure who he is. I would actually like to thank Ana and her photographer for hanging on to the lens I dropped while photographing the cannon firing.
IMG_0522.JPG                                   The Capital building after the inauguration.

IMG_0532.JPGAfter the inaugration I headed by Coors Field on my way back to the truck. The snow covered Stadium look bored on the outside even though on the inside big business was taking place as Cargo signed his 7 year contract.

IMG_0551.JPGA look inside- the snow on the trees in the batters eye from the Homeplate entrance

                                                  @ 20th and Blake

IMG_0553.JPG                      Snow covered turnstile at the 1 st base entrance                                  
IMG_0560.JPG                                         Snow covered turnstile inside gate B

IMG_0565.JPGThe runner on the side of the The Blue Moon Brewing company,  on the corner of 22nd and Blake looks more like he is slipping on snow then scoring a run.

IMG_0566.JPG                                     The snow covered Rockpile ticket windows                        
IMG_0571.JPGThis is a look of the Centerfield entrance covered in snow.

Ok so here is proof that I am the first in line for the Rockpile gate for opening day!!!!!IMG_0576.JPG
On My way home I saw this guy in a tall tree by the South Platte River. This is an immature Bald Eagle probably less than 1 Year old. They’re are actually a group of 3-5 Eagles that hang out over there. I often see full grown mature Bald Eagles at this location. 596.JPGAlong the South Platte River north of downtown Denver. Thought this was cool, the air temp was about 20 degrees, but the water temp was much warmer but made for a cool effect. 

IMG_0584.JPGI am The Rox Addict and I will see you around town and Coors Field. Also my fellow Rantics and I will be at Rockies Fest this coming Saturday.