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Cargo unloaded on Cahill in Rox Win!


Diamondbacks vs. Rockies

My 25th game of the season at Coors.

Today being a day game  meant no batting practice but I does mean there is a good chance to get pitchers autographs. So after the stadium completely opened we headed down to the wall on the Rockies side of the field. There were a few player throwing and getting in their pregame warm ups and work mainly consisting of throwing, running and stretching. the starting pitcher from a few games ago may do a bullpen session. So after they were done Jeff Francis, Tyler Chatwood and Wilton Lopez stopped an signed. before the start of the game Wilin Rosario who did not start this game came out and signed for a while when he got to me I had him sign 2 photos one of him and Juan Nicasio and another of Him, Jerry Weinstein, Tyler Chatwood and Jim Wright. I also had Tyler sign it when he was signing. It was the first photo in the post about Saturdays game. http://roxaddict.mlblogs.com/2013/05/19/lincecum-fall-and-holds-onto-the-ball/

D.J LeMahieu also came over to sign because I had a photo to give him of a play he made last year. He signed a copy for me and another photo I had taken in the springs a few weeks ago.


Today Jorge De La Rosa started for the Rockies. He had a very good first inning facing only 3 batters and the last 2 outs were strike outs to Didi Gregorious and Paul Goldschmidt.


Trevor Cahill started for the Diamondbacks. After getting both Eric Young Jr. and D.J. LeMahieu both to fly out to right.

IMG_1361Carlos Gonzalez hit a solo home run to get the Rockies on the board. Cargo crossing the plate after his 1st. inning Homerun.

IMG_1365Dexter Fowler followed that up with a  double and scored on a Nolan Arenado double. Photo of Nolan Arenado making the big turn at first.

IMG_1366 Dexter scoring on the Arenado Double.

The Rockies would take a 2-0 lead in the first inning.

De La Rosa held the Diamondbacks hitless and scoreless in the 2nd. inning. He di walk the second batter of the inning Gerardo Parra, he remained on base as Martin Prado and Wil Nieves got out.


The Rockies and especially Cargo got on Cahill once again in the 3rd inning, D.J. LeMahieu hit a single with one out and Cargo than hit a triple scoreing LeMahieu. Cargo Scored on a wild pitch by Cahill.


Jorge was taken out of the game in the 6th inning after throwing 103 pitches, striking out 5, walking 2 and giving up 1 run in the 4th. The run was after a Cody Ross lead off single he than scored on a Will Nieves single 2 batters later.


Edgmer Escolona came into pitch the remainder of the 6th inning and the 7th.


In the 6th inning Dexter Fowler hit a ball down the line in right Rene Lacheman first questioned the call and then Walt Weiss headed out of the dugout after talking with the 1st base umpire Doug Eddings he went back to the dugout…IMG_1404… and came back out of the dugout and headed to home plate umpire and crew chief Dana Demuth.


The umpires than headed into review the play.


After a few minutes the ump’s headed back out to the field and called it a foul.


Dexter Fowler got on base by hitting a single and than got in Cahill’s head who threw over to first base a few times.


With good reason Dex than stole second base. IMG_1434

He was called safe as Didi Gregourious threw the ball to second baseman Josh Wilson thinking he was out.


Yorvit Torrealba tried to catch the D’backs off guard and tried to put down a bunt and popped it up to D’backs catcher Wil Nieves.


Another ex Rockies Will Harris came into pitch for the D’backs in the 8th inning.


Cargo also tried the bunt thing, it was fielded by Harris for the second out of the 8th inning. Cargo had a good shot of hitting of hitting another cycle with his first hits were the Home Run and Triple. he just did not finish it but had a great game getting 3 RBI’s and scoring twice. accounting for 3 of the 4 Rockies runs.

Matt Belise and Rex Brothers finished up the game both pitching an inning each. Belise the 8th and Brothers came out for the save. They each faced 3 batters.


Yorvit comes out and hugs brothers after Rex’s 2nd career save and first for this season.


With this win and the Giants losing to the Nationals there is now a 3 way tie for first place in the National League West. All 3 teams had Thursday off and the Rockies will be in San Francisco for a weekend series. The Diamondbacks are playing the Padres in Phoenix this weekend.

So the Rockies won 4-1 and this post is done!

Now Root Sports has recently announced that on July 1, Joel Klatt will be leaving them . We are starting once again the Bring Back Helmer campaign. We are asking everyone to visit there Facebook or twitter feed and kindly ask for them to hire on of the best Postgame announces Tom Helmer. We think it would be great for him to be back behind or as he was known to be on the desk after Rockies wins. We ask if you have a Helmer is my home boy shirts to start wearing them to the games as we try to get them to Re-Hire him.

There is also a Bring Back Helmer page already on facebook. her is it’s link.


and Root Sports Facebook page!


So lets get the ball rolling!!!!

As always see you at Coors!!!!

It only took a Second in the Second


Pirates Vs. Rockies

Starters: Jason Hammel

              Paul Maholm



                                Jason Hammel heading to the bullpen for warm ups.



Seth Smith either just scored a touchdown for the Jets or he is doing is best Laura Ingles impersonation!




                    Jhoulys Chacin and Rafael Betancourt in the Rockies Dugout!!!



                          Chris Iannetta and Jason Hammel Heading in for the game.




        Jason Hammel throws the first pitch to Pirates Centerfielder Andrew McCutchen.

The second pitch wasn’t as good McCutchen hit a lead off solo HR. Thta was the second night he homered against the Rockies in this series. Hammel held it together well and keeping his pitch count low for him through the game. He ended up pitching 7 innings. Lettimg up 7 hits and only 1 run. He threw 105 pitches, averaging about 15 pitches per inning. The 4th was his only high pitch inning where he did walk 2 batters but got himself out of the inning.






Jose Tabata swinging at a pitch in the 1st inning. he was taken out of the game after the first for somereason not sure or havent heard why.


The Deuce making the off balance throw to 1st he makes this look so easy. Kids don’t try this at home!!

Well MLBLOGS is F’d up once again trying to finish this post for 2 days still can’t load photo’s The Rockies won 4-1. Rox Fans celabrated from at the Root Sports Desk and Gary X and I Tossed out the Helmer Is My HomeBoy T-Shirts. Chris Iannetta hit a 3 run HR in the 2nd after Cargo scored on a Smith single. making the score 4-1 and thats all that was scored or needed. for the game. Way to Go Chris hope things pick up for him they seem like he has coming around. Hammel pitched a great game he went 7 innings including 3 1,2,3 innings.



OOOOHHHH its working.


          Dexter Fowler puting down the bunt in the 1st inning he was thrown out at first.



Todd Helton rounding first for a double it was his 533 double bringing him 1 away from catching Lou Gehrig on the all time list. he is currently 32 on the all time list with Bobby Abreu right behind him on the all time list with 531.


 Well til next time I may complete this post, I may Not, I possibly may even attempt a post for the May 1st game against the Pirates. If Not see you at Coors next week when the NY Mets come to The 5280 on May 9,10 and 11th. I will see you their!  


The Rockies Bite Back!

Game 2  4-2-2011 Diamondbacks Vs. Rockies

IMG_2966.JPGStarters: De La Rosa for the Rox

             Hudson for the D’back

This day at Coors started with one of the most uneventful batting practice I have ever seen. not much was hit to the pavillions. Most of the snagged BP balls were from player toss ups. Instead of heading to the first baseline for autos I hung with the Ranter and Lil’ Ranters.


IMG_3069.JPGI did manage to head down for a minute or so before the National Anthem.

 So then headed up to my seats for the first pitch it was a strike to Bloomquist. Nice way to start the game.


 Jorge De La Rosa Throwing the first pitch to D’backs Mike Bloomquist. (yes same view from Opening Day same seat). Bloomquist ended up hitting a single and got stranded at second after a Johnson strike out and two flyouts by Upton and Young. De La Rosa pitched an excellent inning and game.



IMG_2982.JPGHere are the games starting line ups. You can see Ian Stewart was back in the line up for the Rox.


IMG_2990.JPGSeth Smith playing rightfield in the first inning. This is for the lady who was sitting behind me in Sec. 307. Told you I would post one for ya.




IMG_3005.JPGDex making the catch for the 3rd out of the 1st inning. hit by the D’backs Chris Young.



IMG_3025.JPGAfter Hudson walks Fowler, Hmmm deja vu just like on Opening Day Dex lead off walk. Seth Smith is at the plate against Hudson. Smith ends up flying out to left, Cargo hits a single and the Deuce hit into a 6,4,3 double play.

IMG_3087.JPG        The Coors Field sunset always a plus for sitting in the upper deck.


   Their was no scoring til the 3rd when the Rockies Chris Iannetta lead off with a single followed by a Jorge strikeout and scored on a Fowler double. Cargo hit another single and guess who hit into a fielders choice for the 3rd out in the inning. Well refer back to the roster for the answer.


          The Rockies scored 2 runs in the 4th with Iannetta hitting a doube scoring Lopez who was at second after he singled and advanced to 2nd on a wild pitch. Then Jorge De La Rosa contributes with a single scoring Iannetta from second and the Rox go up 3-0. That was Jorges 14th RBI in his carreer and he now has a better batting average then the Deuce !!!!


IMG_3056.JPG<<<<the image ### for the photo that should be here.    imagine a photo of Jorge pitching in the 5th taken from centerfield!!!!!!!!


       Jorge ended up pitching 5 1/3 innings and was removed and replaced with Matt Belise. Jorge had a blister on a finger on his pitching hand and is listed as day to day. Jorge pitched 87 pitches with 3 strike outs and let up no runs. It was a very good outing for him, it is good to see he had his stuff last night hope he heals quick and is ready for his next start.

      After the 4th Inning I headed to the Rockpile and hung out with Gary X and Allanah X.

Belise pitched til the end of the seventh letting up only 1 hit to his first batter in the 5th and struck out 1. Bettancourt came in the 8th. walking the lead off batter Gerrado Parra and then getting the next 3 batters out.


  A photo of Betancourt Pitching would of looked great here!!!!!!! I have to Thanx MLBLOGS for sucking!!!!!!!!!


in the Rox 8th this guy snagged a Seth Smith Ground rule Double this is where i would put the Photo of who this guy is sorry no props for you today Robert !!!


      Huston Street came in, in the 9th. where he proved my theorie of if he throws 15 pitches he will throw 30. Just seems like that to me either he’s lights out or throwing to many pitches. he let up 3 hits, 1 run and had a game ending strike out to Gerrado Parra. The Rox went on winning the game 3-1


Photo of the final scoreboard and the celabration after the game at the Root Sports Post game desk!!!!!!ohhh they were great. you must feel like you are being left out thanks to MLBLOGS Sucking ohhh did I repeat myself. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check back I will add the photos to this game at a later date. Til then see at Coors on Tuesday. When the Dodgers are in town to play The Rox.


Rox (1-1) Winning Pitcher Jorge De La Rosa Street managed a save. It was also Jorge’s 50th win of his career.