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Chacin returns to form and Barnes gets the bucket!


Dodgers vs. Rockies

Game 2 of series.



Jhoulys Chacin made quick work out of the dodgers in the first inning getting the Lead off batter Dee Gordon to line out to Justin Morneau and struck out Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig. Every that he struck out 2 and only faced 3 batters he threw 16 pitches to get out of the first inning.

IMG_5861Zach Greinke also faced 3 batters in the first inning. He was a little bit more successful in the pitch count department getting all 3 batters out on only 4 pitches.


The Rockies scored in the second inning on this Mike McKenry single to score Troy Tulowitzki who lead the inning off with a single.


Troy Tulowitzki scoring the Rockies run in the 1t inning.


The inning ended on a ball hit by Ryan Wheeler to Dee Gordon who tossed it to Ramirez at short and turned it to first for a double play to end the inning.


The Rockies scored 2 in the 5th inning. The Above picture McKenry is on third and Wheeler on first.


A Josh Rutledge single scored McKenry and Wheeler scored on a Charlie Blackmon single to give the Rockies a 3-0 lead.


Ryan Wheeler dives into third after the Rutledge single.


He then got caught between third and home on a Jhoulys Chacin single that advanced Rutledge to third and Chacin ended up on second. Rutledge would score on a Charlie Blackmon single for the 3rd run of the game for the Rockies.


Ryan Wheeler fouled of a ball in his 6th inning at bat. looking at the photo it looks like he foul tipped it off his stomach. I don’t remember see him reach to it hit him during the game and did not realize it hit him till looking threw the photos.


After Chacin walked Matt Kemp in the 7th to lead off the inning and gave up 2 singles to Andre Either and Justin Turner He was removed from the game. Kemp scored on the Turner single. Nick Masset came into pitch and Gave up a home run to Tim Federowicz to tie the game he remained in the game for 4 more batter and was removed after walking Ramirez and Puig. Rex Brother got Adrian Gonzalez to ground out to end the 9 batter 4 run inning for the Dodgers.

Chacin ended up pitching 6 innings giving up 3 run on 6 hits. Walking 3 and striking out 4.

Rex Brothers pitched into the 8th and Adam Ottavino came in and pitched into the 9th and was replaced by franklin Morales.


Hanley Ramirez argues a strike 3 call in the 9th inning.


Morales pitching in the 9th he came in to the game after Ottavino walked Puig.


The game went into the 10th inning and with 1 out Justin Morneau hit a single to right field and with 2 outs Brandon Barnes hit to the gap in right center.


Here he is running to second.


Morneau scores as the dugout starts to clear.


The players caught up with Barnes in the infield and the celebration began.

IMG_6043The celebration continued and then it was time for the post game interview!


This brought up a question who will dump the water over Barnes, since he was the person to get the last 2 players to hit the walk off hit. Charlie Culberson and Justin Morneau.


After watching LaTroy Hawkins run in from the bullpen and seeing the on field photographers turn to the dugout we knew it was coming and it was Latroy that would be the fill for Barnes.


Then he got him. That is it for this one the Rockies won 5-4 and split the series. There is one more game in this series and Sunday game.

That’s it for this one see you at Coors!

Walkin off in the Springs!


Memphis Redbirds vs. Colorado Springs Sky Sox

Security Service Field

Colorado Springs, Colorado

My 2nd Sky Sox game of the year. 24th game in total for the year!

This was my second trip to the Springs this year. Like always I headed out behind the stadium to see if I could find some baseballs and did not find any. We then headed into the stadium. I went with Mariano and Jared. After we entered the stadium we headed to the Redbirds side of the field. After finding out the one player I had cards for was sent back up to the Cardinals I headed to the Sky Sox side of the field. I got GlenAllen Hill to sign a copy of the program and also had Kyle Parker to sign a card. I also got Mike McKenry on Mariano’s Rockies team ball, a 8×10 signed by Christian Friedrick and 3 others in my spring training program so not a bad day for graphs. Every thing I brought to be signed was. It did help that I did not have much!


The players lined up during the National Anthem.

Today I did something I have never done at a game before and that was take every photo with nothing but a wide angle lens! I did not feel like caring my large zoom for this game, 1 because I felt lazy this day and 2 the lighting stinks at this stadium and I really did not feel like taking a camera to begin with.


Christian Bergman was the starting pitcher for the Sky Sox.

Zach Petrick started for the Redbirds both pitchers had 1,2,3 inning in the first. Both aloud runners in the 2nd.


Jason Pridie grounded out to start the game for the Sky Sox.


The second Redbirds hit was by Jermaine Curtis that got past Paul Janish at 2nd in the 2nd inning.


Curtis running to first.

Now this game was a pitching duel and well there were not many hits and due to the wide angle lens there were not many photos!

There were no runs by either team and the Sky Sox Brought Chad Bettis into pitch the 9th inning.


With 1 out he did give up a double to Scott Moore and walked Curtis. Bettis got out of the inning on a ball hit by Luis Mateo to end the inning. Christian Bergman pitched 8 complete inning giving up 4 hits no runs and struck out and walked 2.


A look from behind home plate during Ben Paulsen’s 9th inning at bat. Sam Freeman who pitched the 8th started the 9th inning for the Redbirds.  Zach Petrick pitched 7 complete inning giving up 3 hits, no runs and struck out 3 and walk 1.

Freeman struck out the first 2 Sky Sox batters of the inning Ryan Wheeler and Ben Paulsen. Freeman was taken out of the game after a single by Tim Wheeler and Jorge Rondon came into pitch for the Redbirds.


The game went to the 10th inning and the Redbirds failed to score or get runs in the inning off Bettis who continued to pitch in the 10th. rondon also continued to pitch for the redbirds in the 10. He walked pinch hitter Rafael Ynoa who would score the only run of the game after singles by Jason Pridie and Josh Ruthledge. With base’s loaded Kyle Parker hit a single that scored Ynoa and win the game for the Sky Sox 1-0.

This is only the second time in Sky Sox history that they went to extra inning scoreless.


The Sky Sox clear the dugout for the celebrating at 1st base.

( Should have stayed where I sat most of the game, would of had good photos of this celebration)


This was a very good pitching battle and this was the first time I have seen Bergman pitch. He has been having a good year he is 3-2 on the year with 9 starts he has pitched 58 1/3 innings, striking out 35 with a 3.25 ERA. He did not get the win tonight because he came out with  a 0-0 score and his record does not reflect what he is actually doing because of his no decisions like in this game.

That is it from the Springs I will be at Coors for the Giants series.

I delayed this post because of the Nolan Arenado walk off at Coors in the first game against the Giants!


Nolan Arenado puts one in flight to end the night.


San Francisco Giants vs. Colorado Rockies

Game 1 of the series

My 21st game at Coors this year.

23 with Kansas City and 25 with the Springs

Because of rain in the area there was no batting practice.


Starter Franklin Morales had a very good start to this game, He was much better than in his last start in Kansas City. He started the first inning with a VERY quick 3 outs to the top of the Giants order including striking out Hunter Pence. Morales got through the inning throwing only 9 pitches.


Madison Bumgarner  started for the Giants he also had a 1,2,3 inning striking out Brandon Barnes and Michael Cuddyer who just came off the disabled list.


D.J. LeMahieu makes a catch for the first out of the 2nd inning. Getting out Michael Morse. The Giants had their first hit of the game a single by Brandon Hicks with 2 outs.


Drew Stubbs lead off the 3rd inning with a single he would get to third in the inning but did not score.


Stubbs getting to first.


Michael Cuddyer hit the ball with Stubbs on third but grounded out to end the inning.

The Rockies would score a run in the 4th inning after Troy Tulowitzki started the inning off with a double and scored with 2 outs on a Wilin Rosario double to give the Rockies a 1-0 lead.

The Giants then scored 3 runs in the 5th inning to take a 3-1 lead. The runs scored on a Gregor Blanco triple to score Brandon Crawford and Tyler Colvin. Yes, the former Rockies outfielder Colvin is now with the Giants, and you thought he may have just fallen of the face of the earth. He had gotten on base with a reviewed call that was originally called foul and was overturned and ruled a double.

The Rockies kept fighting in the 6th and scored 2 on a Wilin Rosario 2 run home run. His 4th of the year and 3rd against the Giants this season.


Rex Brothers came into pitch in the 7th inning. He faced 4 batters throwing 14 pitches. This was a good outing for Brothers who has been having issues pitching this year.

Morales pitched a complete 6 innings Morales gave up 3 runs on 5 hits walked 1 and most importantly striking out 6. the 6 strike out was his second most of the year and that was on April 22nd also against the Giants.


Just when you thought that the random dental product race could not get any creeper, the toothpaste lost his pants! I have not said how creepy the race really is in a while! Yes, still creepy!!!!


After Adam Ottavino pitched the 8th inning and face only 3 batters. LaTroy Hawkins came into the game for his 961st MLB appearance in his 19 year MLB career well it was not much different form his 960th career outing where he also blew the save and the Giants took a 4-3 lead. He threw 26 pitches to 5 Giants batters. he gave up a 1 out single to Hicks and a double to Tyler Colvin to score Hicks. The Giants had a 4-3 lead heading into the bottom of the 9th.

IMG_4868The Giants closer Sergio Romo pitched the bottom of the 9th. This is never a good thing for the Rockies. Tonight was a little different Justin Morneau walked to lead off the inning. He came into pinch hit for Brandon Barnes who was first in the batting order this game. Michael Cuddyer who was 0 for 3 with a walk made the first out of the inning flying out to right. Mr. Clutch Troy Tulowitzki hit into a force out getting Morneau out at second and he got onto first.


Carlos Gonzalez would hit a single and move Tulo to third.


Nolan Arenado came up with 2 outs and 2 on.  This one came in a little high and tight!


After 7 pitches and a full count he found he found a pitch he liked a 78 MPH slider that he sent to the wall in left!


Eric Young was excited as Nolan rounded first!


After Tulo scored tying the game at 5,  Cargo was sent!


and he slide into home to win the games for the Rockies…


… and the celebration started!



The Rockies won this one 6-5 and are now 26 and 20 on the year and now 2 games behind the Giants in the west.


What a great game, with a great ending provided by Nolan Arenado, he seems to be hitting at the right times he continues to impress if it is not with his defense he is getting the job done at the plate. Between his 28 game hitting streak a grand slam against the Mets and this walk off I think he is having a pretty good year!!!!!


During the post game interview Brandon Barnes got him with the water bucket.


That was it for this one at Coors, the Rockies had 2 more against the Giants this home series.


That is it for this one see you at Coors!

15 in the sun, a day game marathon!


Cardinals vs. Rockies

My 66th game at Coors this season 76th with road trip 79th with the Springs.

This was a day game so no BP. Did get to the stadium early for some graphs got a few Cardinals on a photo I have of Busch stadium. I ended up with 8 autographs on the photo. I did make some progress before the game I got Colin McHugh on my team 16×20 leaving only Roy Oswalt that I need on it. I now have 51 players and coaches autographs on it. There was no batting practice today.

So this game was a marathon and I have a lot of photos from this game.


Todd Helton was the first out on the field, as the Rockies took the field.


Roy Oswalt was the starting pitcher for Rockies after walking Matt Carpenter. Jon Jay flew out to center field and Matt Holliday did also. With Carlos Beltran batting Oswalt threw over to Todd Helton at first who fake the throw back to Oswalt and tagged Carpenter it was a great play and funny to watch especial that it was done to another first baseman!


A closer view of Oswalt pitching in the first.


Matt Holiday making contact during his first inning at bat.


Michael Wacha was the starting pitcher for the Cardinals. After Charlie Blackmon hit a single, Wacha struck out the next three batters to end the 1st. inning.


Charlie Blackmon getting ready to dive back to first.


Corey Dickerson take a pitch high for a ball. He was one of the batters that struck out in the first. Amazingly enough that the home plate umpire got it right.


Yorvit Torrealba was behind the plate for this game.


Here is Yadier Molina questioning a strike call during his 2nd inning at bat.


Tony Cruz would end the inning with a pop out to Todd Helton.


Todd Helton would lead off the 2nd inning with a double his 589th of his career and 18th of the season.


Yorvit Torrealba questions a strike call by the home plate umpire. See a trend here this guy did not have a consistent strike zone and a pitch that was a strike one time was a ball another. This did happen a lot throughout the game.


Todd Helton scored on a Torrealba single. to put the Rockies on the board 1-0.


Helton high fives Jonny Herrera after he scored. Charlie Culberson would also score to give the Rockies a 2-0 lead.


3 runs to tie the game in the inning.

Carlos Beltran hit a single that scored Jon Jay. (4-1) Rockies

Molina hit a single to score Holliday (4-2) Rockies

Tony Cruz hit a double to Score David Freese. (4-3) Rockies


Matt Holiday would hit a single to tie the game in the 5th inning scoring Jon Jay from second, which he stole after getting on base with  single.


Matt Holliday fist bumps first base coach Chris Maloney.


Taking a lead at first.


Charlie Blackmon hits a double in the 8th inning.


Corey Dickerson hits a triple scoring Blackmon and tying the game at 5.

After the Cardinals scored a 6th run in the ninth…..


…Todd Helton hit a solo home run to tie the game at 6.


Yorvit Torrealba give him a big hug after crossing the plate.


Jonny Herrera hit a double with 2 outs in the 9th. Ryan Wheeler grounded out to the pitcher Edward Mujica to end the inning and we headed for some free Baseball.

Bothe teams went down in order in the 10th. Matt Belisle pitched the 10th for the Rockies and Edward Mujica continued to pitch for the Cardinals in the inning.


Todd was going for the fences in the in the 11th with a few hard swings that almost took his helmet off. This was the second swing that this happened to his helmet.


Charlie Culberson hit a single in the inning.


After a very questionable out in the 12th Walt Weiss came out to argue a call. Jonny Herrera hit the ball and then kicked it the ump said it was in play and Jonny argues that it was in foul territory.


D.J LeMahieu hit a lead off single in the bottom of the 13th inning. Tulo was walked in the inning and they were both left on base.


The first out of the inning was a bunt attempt by Corey Dickerson which he popped out to Daniel Descalso.


The Cardinals once again did not score in the 15th D.J. LeMahieu would once again get on base by hitting a single and Corey Dickerson who should have swung in the 13th and popped out on a bunt. Got to swing this time and he made it count!


D.J. LeMahieu makes the turn at third and heading to home.


As he started his slide into home the ball went passed Yadier Molina.


The tag with ball rolling away.


He over slide home and Fernando Salas picks up the ball.


He dove back…..


…and was safe and the Rockies won 7-6.


The Dugout emptied quickly!!!

Corey Dickerson ended up on third base for a walk off triple. His first walk off of his MLB career I am sure that it will not be his last. I have seen him also walk of in Ashville in 2011. He seems to handle the presser situation well and has been hitting timely and well since his call up.


The team celebrates in the infield and the swarm Corey.


Jordan Pacheco got knocked over as Carey escapes from the crowd.


He than high-five Tulo


and the crowd caught up with him!

It was great to see such an exciting game and they made it worth staying  for the 15 inning!! It was nice to see some very good pitching from the bullpen in these late innings to keep them in the game and that they were able to put together a few good offensive innings to get back in this game. It was a great day at Coors had a lot of fun this game. With this win the Rockies and Cardinals split the 4 game series.

The Rockies used 10 pitchers in this game Oswalt pitched 4 and 2/3rd. The Bullpen combined for 10 and 1/3rd innings. The Cardinals Wacha also only pitched to the 5th and they used 10 pitches. The Rockies used 14 different players at the plate and the Cardinals used 15. Another notable thing was Charlie Blackmon going 4 for 8 this game. LeMahieu, Culberson and Herrera all went 3 for 7. The Rockies had 21 hits on their 7 runs.

So that is it for this one.

I was also at Coors for the weekend series against the Diamonbacks and will be at the final 2 home games of the season against the Boston Red Sox.

Dex Walkin it off!


Padres vs. Rockies

Game 4.

This could be my 34th game of the year it is a good possibility!

It being Sunday it means it was autograph Sunday. The best part was we did not have to get there extra early because of the bobble heads there was no bobble head today. This means I can also get more than one player!


The signers today was Michael Cuddyer who is in the Photo above. Matt Belise, Manny Corpas and Tyler Colvin. So started out in Matt Belise’s line because I had a photo of him that I printed up a few weeks ago. After getting that signed I headed to Manny Corpas’ line since he was just called up I needed him on my team 16×20 which I now only need Tulo on! since it was not a bobble head day the lines were not crazy and I was able to hit the trifecta getting Tyler Colvin as well I got him on a Cubs team card he was on and the last card I had left for him to sign he has recently been called up also but I did not need him on my 16×20 because I had him sign it at spring training. I did not think that he was going to the Springs! I did not get Michael Cuddyer to sign anything because I really did not have anything for him since he has signed well for the fans in the past and he was already on the 16×20.


Juan Nicasio was the starting pitcher for the Rockies he would sit the Padres down in order in the 1st Evereth Cabrera started by grounding out to Todd Helton at first. Alexi Amarista struck out and Jedd Gyorko flew out to Carlos Gonzalez.


Clayton Richards was the starting pitcher for the Padres Dexter Fowler started off with a single and was sac bunt over to second by Eric Young Jr. Carlos Gonzalez popped out for the second out of the inning.


Troy Tulowitzki came through with a home run to give the Rockies a 2-0 lead. IMG_3694

Here he is watching it fly into the tunnel in left field.


Dexter Fowler picking up Tulo’s bat as he crosses the plate.


Would this be considered a five-lo!


This one with Dex while blowing a bubble.

The Rockies would not score again till the 3rd inning when Dexter lead off with a double and scored on a Cargo ground out to second base. He got to third on a Eric Young Jr. sac bunt once again. (4-0) Rox

In the top of the 6th I noticed something was happening here!


Juan Nicasio was perfect through 5 innings. No Runs or walks!

Not lasting long Nick Hundley took that away with the swing of the bat with a 2-2 count sending the ball and the perfect game into the pavilions. That would be 1 run for the Padres and they scored a second before the end of the inning. (4-2) Rox

The Padres would score 3 in the 7th and 2 in the 8th. They would take a 7-4 lead this is another game that should not have gotten away from them. Cameron Maybin hit a home run for the first run of the 7th off Edgmer Escolona who came in to pitch the inning. The next 2 runs were scored on a Mark Kotsay home run scoring himself and Headley still in the 7th. (5-4) Padres  Edmer was taken out of the game because of injury. Wilton Lopez would finish the inning. Matt Belise came in and pitched the 8th for the Rockies. The 2 runs scored by the Padres were a result of a few hits strung together Kyle Blanks hit a single and was scored by Will Venerable who scored on a Denorfia single. (7-4) Padres


Cameron Maybin was limping a little after a Tulo GRDB in the 8th inning. Tulo would not score another runner left in scoring position. He got on base with one out and could not get past third.

The Rockies tied the game at 7th in the 9th. Tyler Colvin hit a single scoring Jonny Herrera and a Carlos Gonzalez double score Tyler and Dex. (7-7)

The game than went to the 10th the Padres failed to score and the Rockies need to act on this opportunity. Todd Helton started the inning off with a walk in a sac bunt attempt Yorvit Torrealba struck out on the foul bunt. Jonny Herrera hits a single to move Todd to second.


Jonny would get out at second on a Colvin hit to first.


Dex after reaching first base kneeling and clapping


  Dex being interviewed after the game.

This is another game that should not have gotten away from the Rockies. I think this should have been a easier series for them than they made it. The Padres really made them work for their wins. It is great that they did battle back to win Fridays and this game, but both should have been pretty much over when the Padres came back to take the lead or tie the game. There once again was a lot of lost opportunities to score runs and get out of the defensive side of the innings.

Well That is it for this game and the series.

The Nationals are in town Tues thru Thurs.

See You at Coors!